Saturday, June 28, 2008

The Latest News

I am finishing up week 21.  I am now half way in my pregnancy and I am no longer considered high risk, Yeah!  The baby is doing well and the estimated weight of Baby Schenk is 15oz.  Which that said was good.  Baby Schenk did show off a little turning towards us and showing off its feet.  The baby looked good.   I am back to work which I missed and knew I would wonder why when I went back.  But, over all work went pretty well.  After my doctors appointment on Wednesday someone hit our car or I should say ran over the corner of our car.  How this is possible I have no idea.  I was in Walgreen's and Troy was waiting in the car.  In the 5 minutes I was inside the Lady next to us tried to pull out of her parking spot and hit the side of our car.  Instead of stopping she proceeded to back up and hit it the car again.  Yeah, that is what I was thinking when Troy called me in the store and I walked out with my mouth hitting the pavement.  Seriously, how did this happen?  As you can see by the picture it looked pretty bad but it is getting worked on this week.  I also hung out with Kristen one last time before she left for Sterling.  So, this has been a long week as you can see a lot has happened.  I was more then ready for the weekend and to relax a little.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Belly Pics at 18 Weeks

For all of you wanting to see pregnancy pictures or really just wanting to watch a woman as she adds on those unwanted pounds, here you go.  Please, if you forget what I looked like before you can look at the picture to the right of Troy and I for a quick reminder, I know I will!