Monday, August 30, 2010

Unwanted Affection

While at Pearl's first Birthday, Gracie made an unwanted friend. He asked very kindly if Gracie could play and I had no objections. Once in the play room he became very affectionate, touching her face, giving unwanted hugs, and even trying for a kiss. I he was any older I might have been creped out by it but I thought it harmless. Although he was a cutie she was not very happy and I tried to help Gracie fend him off but he was pretty persistent on trying to bring her toys she might like and so forth. I had no idea who was his mom so I was trying to watch my facial expressions as I kindly asked him to stop with a little giggle, hoping not to offend anyone. No mother ever came forth so we headed to the food table where I knew Gracie would be much happier.

Although Gracie is more then wiling to say hi to any stranger, she does not like it when people are trying to hard, I know she maybe young but she some how she always knows when someone is trying extra hard.

I did get two pictures of the unwanted affection before I realized it was time to step in
I am grateful to know if Gracie does not like something she will come find me

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Gracie as boy

My Friend Christina was watching Gracie when she had a little mess and needed a change of clothes. Luckily, Christina had something Gracie could fit in but it was boys clothes.  Anyway, I guess if we had a boy with long hair this is what he might look like, sorry Gracie but they were kinda funny!

not very happy that I am making a moment of this

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Great Friendship

When most people look back they have sweet memories of the good old high school days.  Most of my memories come from my youth group.  It worked just like any high school did.  There were the bad kids, the good kids and the inbetween kids but over all they had good hearts and we had lots of fun. What can I say, we were teenagers.

I came out of that youth group with some great friendships.  Although we do not keep in touch as much by phone, facebook is how we keep ourselves updated on each others lives. 

All this to say, a couple of weeks ago Gracie & I traveled to Cincy.  On the drive down I started thinking about the time I was going to spend with my good friend Molly and her daughter Pearl.  As my reminiscing continued, I relized Molly and I had been friends since that first ride on the Vortez at Kings Island when we were 14.  Honestly, we were connected to the hip spending most of our weekends together, even getting in trouble by each other's parents.  We have been threw all different situations happy & sad but at the end we loved each other.  We were really like sisters, I assume this is true since we can fight and still be friends, not all friendships can handle that.  Now, we are married and both have daughters who are a year and half apart, the same as Molly and I.  We always said our kids would play together and now they are.  It is so strange to see some of our conversations become real and to be able to be apart of this chapter in each others lives.  Sitting in each other homes, is just so weird but so cool.  I think the only thing we have not done is be pregnant at the same time, if this happens, oh my, look out.  We have some serious plans for that time.

Anyway, here are some great photos!
the Vortex at KI
myself & molly riding the vortex
our first picture
working on a prank
for some reason we loved pulling pranks
Gracie, Candace, Molly, Pearl
Gracie & Pearl Playing
what craziness will these girls get into
what cuties
yum, yum
pearl & gracie already messing with someone
it starts so early
many of the sweet kisses to be given
enjoying the birthday party fingure foods

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Hall of Fame Parade

Each year we try to avoid the Hall of Fame.  It makes traffic crazy and the town a mess.  Although we have taking part in the all the different festivities at least once the parade we have never done.  This year with Gracie and Emmitt Smith I decided it was a must to go.  Although the parade starts at 8am there are people that will stay up all night to save there seats.  You think I am joking but I am very serious.  I know of at least 2 people that went at 3am and the place is already like a party.  A friend of mine has connection I guess you can say.  We walked out of our house at 8:30 followed them to the parade parked and sat to watch the parade right up front.  And it was crazy.  People were sitting on the roofs of some of the buildings.  The place we were the guy owned the business there and ropes it all off.  The Kids had front row seats.  If we attend the parade again this is the only way I will go.  It was so easy!

Troy & Gracie waiting for the parade
The Antique Football Player
Frog Prince
people would chant "spin, spin, spin" and the people pulling the
balloons would run in circles so the ballons would spin around,
this caused the crowd to go crazy.
Floyd & Marc Little
no, I do not know anything about them

too cool
the Family
love Grover
of course Oscar
The one and only EMMITT SMITH

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Balloons & More Balloons

Every year the weekend before the Hall of Fame game, Canton host’s the Balloon Classic. We took Gracie to watch the balloon competition where the Pilots participate in team racing and target drops as they vie for a prize package of $19,000. And there is a pole grab where pilots guided their balloons as close as possible to the designated pole in an attempt to grab the ribbon, a feat worth $3,000. Some of the pilots were pretty daring as you would watch them come down so low and then have to jet back up as fast as possible. Pretty fun to watch!

Clown Balloon & "Piggles" the piggy bank
I love the bright balloons
watching the balloons
lots of pointing
lots of ballons
Gracie loved them, I think we will go next year

Friday, August 20, 2010


I am sure you have heard this time plenty of times during commercials.  I have seen runway shows on TV here and there but never have I actually been to a fashion show.  This year thanks to my company I was able to attend the Hall of Fame Fashion show.  It was 3,000 people big, at least that is what they told us.  We ate, got gifts and watched the show.  Although I would not pay to actually go it was an experiance.  Ladies really got all dressed up for this thing.  It was interesting.

Center Stage
Me & Rachel
Some famous guy named Michael Stanley
The ladies went crazy when he came out.  Rachel and I both said who?  He is famous I guess and all the ladies at work laughed when I asked about him, tell me I was too young, and then went on about how good looking he us to be.  Anyway, I did not think much of his singing, oh well.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

There's No Place Like Home

Except the Airport, JK!  Although airport travel is not my favorite and it is full of germs I did appreciate the kids corner in both the Tampa & Akron/Canton Airport.  I think Gracie loved them even more.  Below is a couple of shots of Gracie playing.  She loved these cars that were made out of a soft/hard plastic.  Is that is right hard enough to be a car but soft enough if you feel no hurts.  They were very cute and I used almost my whole bottle of sanitzer during her play time.  I got advice earier to use it as much and as often as possible.  Enjoy the pictures!

vroom vroom!
full body car wash:)
what a cutie!
i cho-cho choose you!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Just Playing Around

Just Some Fun Time!

fun times