Sunday, August 22, 2010

Balloons & More Balloons

Every year the weekend before the Hall of Fame game, Canton host’s the Balloon Classic. We took Gracie to watch the balloon competition where the Pilots participate in team racing and target drops as they vie for a prize package of $19,000. And there is a pole grab where pilots guided their balloons as close as possible to the designated pole in an attempt to grab the ribbon, a feat worth $3,000. Some of the pilots were pretty daring as you would watch them come down so low and then have to jet back up as fast as possible. Pretty fun to watch!

Clown Balloon & "Piggles" the piggy bank
I love the bright balloons
watching the balloons
lots of pointing
lots of ballons
Gracie loved them, I think we will go next year


josh and kim said...

what night did you go? friday night my mom was in the pig balloon that you have a picture of!!!

Jaime said...

That is so neat! We have a few hot air balloons fly over our house in the fall so I'm sure we would have loved a show like this. Cool!