Friday, May 30, 2008

Surgery Outcome

First, Troy and I wanted to thank all of you for your prayers and support this week with my surgery.  We have both appreciated the encouragement and the continued love we have received.

The surgery went well.  Thankfully the cyst ended up outside of my ovary, which is what we were praying for, so they only had to take the cyst.  The cyst did not burst during removal so that is good.  The oncologist did take a look at the cyst and did not seem to think there was any risk that it may be cancer but the true biopsy report will come back sometime next week.  The incision is basically like I had a c-section, just minus the baby coming out.  So, getting out of bed and going to the bathroom have been the biggest and most painful challenges.  I am taking some medicine for the pain but the medication makes me very sleepy and nauseous.  Thankfully, Troy and my mom have been here.  Troy has been helping get off and back on the couch.  It is amazing how much you really use those stomach muscles for everything.  My mom has been babysitting me during the day and cooking meals for us, which has been really nice.  Also, I am not allowed to drive, which is fine since every small bump on the way home felt like someone was tearing my stomach open, painful. 

Unfortunately, right now I am not allowed to return to work until I see the doctor, which will be on Wednesday.  The doctor told us at the hospital to plan on being out of work 4 to 6 weeks which I was surprised by and I think my work is going to want to kill me.   Wednesday, I will have to plead my case and pray that I heal quickly so I will only be out 4 weeks but I will have to be patient and see.

Baby Schenk is doing well.  Directly after surgery I was taken to recovery and the doctors were all attaching me to monitors and the nurse came up to listen for the baby’s heart beat and to check the heart rate.  I was extremely groggy but I was relieved as my doctor told me the outcome of the surgery and hearing the heartbeat was just such a relief.  My doctor and the hospital staff were amazing and so nice.  Really, I could not have asked for more.  I have never been in a hospital where each staff member I came in contact with was more than kind.  Of course I was monitored thru the night while Troy tried to sleep here and there but an interruption every hour cannot mean good sleep.  We were in very good care.  I did get to know a few nurses that I am sure I will get to see later, which will be nice.

Thanks again for all the prayers

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Baby Schenk at 16 Weeks

More Pictures of Baby Schenk!

Baby Schenk turned and looked at us.

Baby Schenk was punching around in there.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Exciting News!

Exciting News!
We had the 16 week ultra sound today. The baby was moving all over the place. The nurse was laughing because Baby Schenk would not sit still for her to take pictures and measure. The legs and arms were constantly busy moving around. Baby Schenk was all over the place in some of the most uncomfortable positions I have ever seen and of course would not allow us to get a look to find out if it was a boy or a girl.

Prayerful News!
Troy and I went to the doctors this morning for the 16 Week check up and to see how my cyst was doing which is really the reason for the continuous ultrasounds. Hoping the the cyst is a functional cyst and it will begin to shrink like it is suppose too. Unfortunately, for us this was not the case. We meet with the doctor who gave us our option to have surgery or not. The whole thing gets rather complicated. It turns out that the cyst does not want to go away and in this situation it is best to have the surgery now. It becomes harder if we wait and it could rupture or twist during the third trimester. Which can lead into large amounts of pain that can cause me to go into labor, way to early or even miscarriage. Because the cyst is considered a growth because it does nothing but grow in my ovary they would actually have to take out my right ovary that contains the cyst. They would then test the cyst once it has been removed for any cancer cells.

After meet with my doctors this morning we then were sent to Aultman Hospital to meet with a hi-risk pregnancy doctor that would be doing the surgery to see what he thought and get his full opinion of what we should do. He does not believe we should wait because it would only cause more harm later. One of those things where as a doctors he can not tell me 100% that everything will be fine. We just have to decide what we think is best and pray, pray, pray from there. So, after much consideration and listening to the concerns of the doctor if we do not do this, Troy and I decided to do the surgery. My surgery will be sometime next week. We will keep you posted!

1)That they baby remains safe and unharmed.
2)That we will be able to have kids in the future.
3)That the surgery goes will with no complications.