Friday, October 31, 2014

Video Friday {football nolan}

On our visit to Cincinnati we went to a park that had pee wee football dummies set-up.  Nolan of course wanted to tackle it.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Our Little Neighborhood

Our little neighborhood, Sylvan Lake, has been so awesome to live in.  We all love it but my husband thinks I am a big fan because it reminds me of Stars Hallow from Gilmore Girls.  Now it's not that big of a town but it has some serious similarities.  One weekend we did not have to go far to do some apple picking.  One of the long time families has about a dozen apple trees in their back yard which we got a chance to go over and pick.  We had fun and then I made homemade apple sauce.  I had my first homemade apples sauce in college and have never forgotten how yummy it is.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Trinity Football

I have not reported at all about the TIU football games well we finally got to attend one.  TIU has been having blow up's for families to enjoy during the games and of course my kids loved it.

 face paintings were a big hit
 nolan enjoying his painting and was 
specific about wanting to look like a tiger

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

While We Waited

While we waited for baby Joy to arrive we got to hang out with friends and have a mini vacation with beautiful weather.

 Pearl and Gracie
I love having these pics of the two of them as they grow up
I hope their friendship blooms
 boys practicing soccer
 a little football practice

 my son off pouting in the woods
 nolan really wanted a picture with this
 guy and then of course so did gracie
 the kids with Mr Frisch's Big Boy

 running errands with my mom at Lowe's 
meant the kids were enthralled with the 
lift and the John Deere tractors.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

New Chapter

I want to share this because I am in love.  I have taken on a new area in photography and I am hooked with new babies and the whole birth process.  As you read this you may cringe and I never watch either of my babies be born but it has been so cool.

My first birth was with my friend Izzy.  Absolutely the most beautiful birth, she made it look so easy and painless.  And I have permission to show off these beautiful pics and theres nothing graphic so no worries.

 My first birth was super emotional
 this is baby Joy
One of my besties Molly had baby #3 she and I really hope I would make it for the birth.  This meant I would have to make the 6 hour drive from Chicago to Cincinnati in time.  you can assume that this would put my nerves on end.  Izzy's baby was born on the Saturday Molly was due and then early Monday morning I headed to Cincinnati.  Molly was already 2 days past her due date and for baby #3 I knew it would have to be soon Joy waited till Wednesday arrive.  It was supposed to be a home water birth and things went different and I ran to the hospital and made it 2 minutes before pushing started and baby Joy was there.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Video Friday {school days}

How I love dropping and picking my girl up from school.  I hope she never loses this sweetness.
She's in the pink boots...

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Love School

for a little while i was taking gracie to school.  I love dropping her off watching her wave goodbye and her sweet kisses she blows at me.

 middle on the bench
 my little girl loves fashion
 picture day at school and I was a volunteer
can you tell i love doing this stuff?!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Highs & Lows

Sadly my little man has 4 cavities.  He is my brush my teeth kid whenever he has the chance.  I was shocked when I found out he had cavities.  Non the less he did and they had to be taken care of.  I was not looking forward to him screaming and I was sure he would punch the nurses.  The last time we got his blood drawn the nurse was terrible and had stuck him multiple times, he was traumatized.

 happy waiting
 they oooed and awwwed him
 this pediatric doctor and her nurses were amazing
 cool glasses and she used fun names for all the instruments to make them 
sound super fun like the cotton was a pillow...all positive words and looks.  
I am sure I look ridiculous because I never stopped smiling just
 so nolan thought it was fun

 he did awesome..they did two and they have two more to do next time
i am so glad they split it up

 and right after we went to pick up gracie from practice
nolan was super happy, no trauma
keeping warm

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Fun School Week

One fun week in September the school had spirit week.

 this day was hat day which I think nolan had her jessie hat in his hand
crazy hair day 

backwards day...her clothes were back to normal when I picked her up
there was also color t-shirt day, each class had a special color

Thursday, October 9, 2014

around here

Yes, I have been MIA.  Take an already busy mom and add 10 extra things and call it a crazy life.  I will post our where a bouts and what we have been up to these last month and try to get this blog of mine updated.  You will notice some photos are from the summer and the start of here we go!

Although Nolan loves legos and anything super hero, I do believe he will always have heart for the farm and John Deere.  His love grew this summer while we spent time on Mema & Papa's farm.  He still has a hard time understand why his Papi(my dad) doesn't have a tractor.  This is just documentation this kid is still making sure he always has plier in his pocket like papa and has his JD attire on.
This summer gracie got her first bee sting, double sting while at football practice.  There was nest in and she got two, one under her arm and one on her face.  The trainers were all over it checking her pulse, incase she was allergic, getting her ice, putting on special bee sting medicine that made the sting better on the spot.
This t-shirt pic was taken of Gracie Girl before bed.  She was supporting daddies alma mater and she wanted me to send him a pic.
a cool day at practice.  One of the trainer's Sarah gave her a hoody...ok so my kids are a little spoiled by the trainers.
this post is all for me.  although I love long hair, I also love short hair cuts.  I have had a lot of fun doing different styles with Gracie's.  I curled it before church and I just thought it looked so sweet.

You will be sick of this fast, we are fans of JD and anytime there is one we can try we do so no matter where the store.

morning cuddle time with my babies
so one weekend I got up extra early to surprise a friend to take her out for the day.  sometimes when people are having a hard time an in person lunch and pedicure is much better then a present.
cars with daddy
Using an old phone to talk to papa about his day.  He has called papa, my brother Steve, and my brother-in-law Kyle.  Not sure why these particular people come up but he talks to them about anything.  Pretty cute.
nolan really wants his own car;)
just my sweet girl
 Why am I so busy?  besides my photography at it's busy season
I am also helping cater.  It's crazy busy but I do enjoy it.  I am not
a coffee drinker, I am what I call a fru fru coffee girl.  I like coffee
that doesn't taste like coffee, i.e. pumpkin spice mocha, yum!