Monday, October 31, 2011

Treat Please

Every year Malone decorates one of the dorms for little saints day.  Very similar to what our girls dorm did at Trinity.  Each participating floor has a theme such as Candyland, Peter Pan, Finding Nemo, Wizard of Oz, Mario, Tarzan & Winter Wonderland just to name the ones I can remember.  This year we thought we would dress her up and take her up to the school for some treats and neat decorations.  One our way we stopped by uncle cliffs house to accept our first candy of the night.  We then headed up to the school to meet her cousin sawyer.  She held back at the beginning and was not too sure what to make of the people all dressed up and some with painted faces.  Once she realized each person was giving out candy she was ready for each new section of students all dressed up.  At the end of Peter Pan then had a treasure chest with lots of candy and Gracie proceed to grab handfuls for her bucket, her daddy was very proud.  She was even greeted by a number of princess or she likes to call them ballerina's.  This was very exciting to see all the beautiful dresses.  My first offer to take a picture of her with the princess I thought went unnoticed until I realized why she wanted Sawyer's hand so bad, she wanted him to come with her, I think she was a little nervous but I took her back.

the first costume which was borrowed was giraffe which she like until I put the head on.
I laugh so hard at her and she hated how it was tight on her head
her chosen costume of Tinkerbell minus the wings
Cliff & Jess
little coach
tink meting the first princess
kids loved the bubbly machine in Finding Nemo
tink meeting tink

enjoying a sucker

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Crafts for the Little Man

Since I have gotten pregnant I have felt like my creative side just went dormant.  My thoughts on a boys room, nothing.  Thoughts on names, nothing.  Am I going to make him outfits, nothing.  NOTHING is the key word.  Nothing was being produced in my head, maybe it is because it is a boy.  I thought it was time to wake up my creative side!  I started with a couple of blankets, updated some plan burp clothes, added some cute fabric to some onesies, and followed a few tutorials from my pin interest board.  I even made Troy a Malone blanket for his away games.  Needless to say I got a bunch of stuff put together and figured out what I am hoping for in the babies room.  Just trying to get everything put together and ready.  Here are a couple pictures of the few things that I have made for my little man who remains nameless:)

This whole pile is for our upcoming arrival.
I have made a lot of capes this year but this one was not made for 
a kid but for my boss for Halloween.  I made 2 little hats for the
baby, a couple more blankets and a very cute ruffle butt onesie.
This is funny because my mom would have love to see Gracie in
one of these and I said no way.  Now, I think I would let a little
girl wear them because they are so darn cute but before I
was just against them.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall Family Time

With fall comes some fun family time.  This fall I missed a few and with the rainy weather we skipped the apple picking this year, plus it was a bad season for apples here.  So we did a lot of family time at home.  Even though we did a lot of activities with Gracie last year it has been fun because everything seems new to her as if it is the first time, her reactions have been a lot of fun.  We picked out a pumpkin and decided we would carve it.  Gracie thought this was a great idea but when it came to pulling out the guts of the pumpkin she was pretty grossed out at the beginning.  She also tried a little of the pumpkin which she thought was yuck.  Troy finished the carving and it turned out great.   Gracie loves seeing it all lit up.

her looks were just funny
We bought a small pumpkin so the paper that was supposed to
 stick on would not work so troy eyeballed it.  It turned out pretty good.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

36 Weeks

How Far Along: 36 weeks & 4 days
Names: Believe it or not we have a top 5 list and pretty sure on the top 3 we love.  I made a desperate plea to me girl friends who came through with some great ideas, this is where our top list came from.  Thanks ladies!
Waiting For: my mom to visit so I can get the baby's room finished, hopefully next weekend
Cravings: I have noticed that I crave milk a lot.  Which most would say it means I need more calcium but I get calcium in my prenatal vitamin each night and then I take 600 mg of calcium in the morning, so you would think I am getting enough.
Sleep Cycle: this changes all the time.  There are some nights I get what I call great sleep and then there are some nights in a row where I got terrible sleep.  The great sleep happens once I have had several nights of no sleep.  My body has to rest at some point.  Interestingly enough I always sleep well during naps, not sure why but my weekend naps are a must, not skipping those. 
Movement: constant, if I even worry a little about his lack of kicking and elbowing I just push on his backside and he will move right away.
Excited: to meet this little guy
What I miss:  holding Gracie and caring her as much as I want.  Now I do hold her but this little guy kicks and squirms the hole time like we are invading his space. 
A surprise:  It is official my belly button is protruding.  It may have fully popped by 40 weeks poor thing has been stretched to death.
Comparing:  when I was pregnant with Gracie I was very round but with this baby my poor belly is being stretch as for out as possible.  The swelling in my legs is out of control and no worries by the doctor because my blood pressure is great by body just likes to hold as much water as possible.
Life Change:  This week brought a very sad end to an amazing woman that I call grandma.  I do wish she would have gotten to hold her grandson.  

On Friday I had my 36 week appointment.  My blood pressure is good and weight is fine although I was not as excited about it.  My weight is always about 5 lbs more at the doctors but I still hate it.  The doctor said not to worry she said with the amount of swelling I already had by 8:30 she said I am holding a lot of water weight as well, we will see.  The baby's heart beat was around 140 bpm.  The doctor checked me and I am coming along.  As for an idea when this baby will come she says it is a guessing game.  I can have nothing happening in the am but by the night I could be in labor it is just up to my body.  I assume this baby will camp out until the end like Gracie but I would love to have this baby in October for sentimental reasons.

I was home this weekend by myself so I took a few pictures with the computer and camera.  More then you may want to see but I thought so me were pretty funny.  I have not seen myself in a picture for a while at least not from the side so I got a kick out of my stomach.
 side view #1
 half side
 side view #2
 Gracie was all dressed up in her Tinker Bell outfit.
She thought taking the pictures were a blast.
 I had to hold her in place she just wanted 
to keep running back to push the button
 some with my camera which is much harder 
when I can't see what I am doing until after
Gracie kissing my belly
(after shot)

Friday, October 21, 2011


A couple weekends back my SIL Kristen threw me a little sprinkle.  She did a great job decorating and the ice cream bar was a big hit.  The girls night of chatting was a big hit.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cincy Weekend

       One of the rules of pregnancy is that after 32 weeks you are not supposed to travel far from home or sit for long periods of time. They want you close to your hospital and doctor. Well this past weekend I threw all those pregnancy rules out the window and drove to Cincinnati. Gracie and I made the first two hours to Ohio State where I picked up my brother, Alex, for the first time from College, I am sure it won’t be the last. But I can say, just driving threw OSU and seeing all the college life made me miss the fun times of late nights and fun adventures. We then drove the rest of the way to Cincinnati. Gracie loved, loved seeing Carson the family golden and she was obsessed with knowing where he was at all times and was concerned if he was outside too long.
       This weekend trip had a reason and that is my Grandma, who at this time is very sick. With the time of this baby approaching very quickly I thought this maybe the last time I get to see her. Now to November 16th is a long time when it involves someone that is very ill. The weekend was filled with lots of time remembering all the memories I have of her and hoping that she won’t suffer but hoping she lasts until after this baby comes. Everyone was home and around to see grandma and talk to her as much as we could.
       Minus some of the sadness that surrounded the reason for the trip it was really nice to see family. Now I am not one that takes pictures at sad times but one of my fondest memories of my Grandma and the time I spent at her house was the activities that I did. One of them was raking leaves and jumping in them. I thought that during our visit to her house I would entertain Gracie outdoors for a little while with lots of leaves that were in the front yard from my favorite tree. Everyone came out to throw leaves in the air for Gracie to run threw and she loved it so I took a few pictures of this silly little lady having a blast.

loving the leaves
yes i can tell i am pregnant

taylor letting us throw leaves on him

gracie making sue alex is ok after burring him with leaves
i think she still has a crush on alex
alex giving gracie a try in my favorite tree

Saturday, October 8, 2011

34 weeks

It has been a little while and I have just forgotten about the blog world for a little bit, too much other stuff to do and just plan tired.  Not much has changed everything is pretty much the same since the 32 week post so I will make this a short update.

Goal: Our goal is to pick a name and get the baby's room set up between now and the end of October
Looking forward: to my last day of work
Names: Gracie did tell my friend Christina the baby's name was Noah but I think she was talking about a song she recently heard
Waiting For: my mom to visit so I can get the baby's room done
Nesting Stage:  I have finally jump started my creative side and made a few things for the baby.  In November I will start making freezer meals.

The doctor said everything was good.  My new favorite is the nausea that I am waking up with at night he said could be due to the back pain I am having.  Besides that the baby is good and active.

That's all!