Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall Family Time

With fall comes some fun family time.  This fall I missed a few and with the rainy weather we skipped the apple picking this year, plus it was a bad season for apples here.  So we did a lot of family time at home.  Even though we did a lot of activities with Gracie last year it has been fun because everything seems new to her as if it is the first time, her reactions have been a lot of fun.  We picked out a pumpkin and decided we would carve it.  Gracie thought this was a great idea but when it came to pulling out the guts of the pumpkin she was pretty grossed out at the beginning.  She also tried a little of the pumpkin which she thought was yuck.  Troy finished the carving and it turned out great.   Gracie loves seeing it all lit up.

her looks were just funny
We bought a small pumpkin so the paper that was supposed to
 stick on would not work so troy eyeballed it.  It turned out pretty good.

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Emily said...

So Funny, that is how Ella looks all the time when she puts her own headbands on! LOVE it!!! Also love how girly Gracie is, It will make your boy seem that much more of a boy, and you will love it!! ;)