Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cincy Weekend

       One of the rules of pregnancy is that after 32 weeks you are not supposed to travel far from home or sit for long periods of time. They want you close to your hospital and doctor. Well this past weekend I threw all those pregnancy rules out the window and drove to Cincinnati. Gracie and I made the first two hours to Ohio State where I picked up my brother, Alex, for the first time from College, I am sure it won’t be the last. But I can say, just driving threw OSU and seeing all the college life made me miss the fun times of late nights and fun adventures. We then drove the rest of the way to Cincinnati. Gracie loved, loved seeing Carson the family golden and she was obsessed with knowing where he was at all times and was concerned if he was outside too long.
       This weekend trip had a reason and that is my Grandma, who at this time is very sick. With the time of this baby approaching very quickly I thought this maybe the last time I get to see her. Now to November 16th is a long time when it involves someone that is very ill. The weekend was filled with lots of time remembering all the memories I have of her and hoping that she won’t suffer but hoping she lasts until after this baby comes. Everyone was home and around to see grandma and talk to her as much as we could.
       Minus some of the sadness that surrounded the reason for the trip it was really nice to see family. Now I am not one that takes pictures at sad times but one of my fondest memories of my Grandma and the time I spent at her house was the activities that I did. One of them was raking leaves and jumping in them. I thought that during our visit to her house I would entertain Gracie outdoors for a little while with lots of leaves that were in the front yard from my favorite tree. Everyone came out to throw leaves in the air for Gracie to run threw and she loved it so I took a few pictures of this silly little lady having a blast.

loving the leaves
yes i can tell i am pregnant

taylor letting us throw leaves on him

gracie making sue alex is ok after burring him with leaves
i think she still has a crush on alex
alex giving gracie a try in my favorite tree

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The Burgess family said...

I'm glad you got to go see your Grandma and spend some time with family, that is important! And, I always struggle with this particular pregnancy "rule" too, and I will probably break it again this time around ;)