Monday, October 31, 2011

Treat Please

Every year Malone decorates one of the dorms for little saints day.  Very similar to what our girls dorm did at Trinity.  Each participating floor has a theme such as Candyland, Peter Pan, Finding Nemo, Wizard of Oz, Mario, Tarzan & Winter Wonderland just to name the ones I can remember.  This year we thought we would dress her up and take her up to the school for some treats and neat decorations.  One our way we stopped by uncle cliffs house to accept our first candy of the night.  We then headed up to the school to meet her cousin sawyer.  She held back at the beginning and was not too sure what to make of the people all dressed up and some with painted faces.  Once she realized each person was giving out candy she was ready for each new section of students all dressed up.  At the end of Peter Pan then had a treasure chest with lots of candy and Gracie proceed to grab handfuls for her bucket, her daddy was very proud.  She was even greeted by a number of princess or she likes to call them ballerina's.  This was very exciting to see all the beautiful dresses.  My first offer to take a picture of her with the princess I thought went unnoticed until I realized why she wanted Sawyer's hand so bad, she wanted him to come with her, I think she was a little nervous but I took her back.

the first costume which was borrowed was giraffe which she like until I put the head on.
I laugh so hard at her and she hated how it was tight on her head
her chosen costume of Tinkerbell minus the wings
Cliff & Jess
little coach
tink meting the first princess
kids loved the bubbly machine in Finding Nemo
tink meeting tink

enjoying a sucker

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Jennifer said...

Ok, "little coach" is HILARIOUS!!!