Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Saying Good-Bye

For as long as I can remember my grandma has been apart of my life.  We had breakfast dates, shopping dates, hangout with her at work dates and so many others.  I remember staying over night at her house, eating on her screened in porch and watching the old classic movies.  She would send my brother and I outside with sparklers and have us catch fireflies.  There are so many things that cross my mind when I think of her.  The way she smelled, her hair, her laugh when she thought something was very funny, her old sayings (that's for the birds), how crafty she was, the sounds of her house, places she loved to eat, her large stacks of books and how much she loved the Holidays.  The list of things I love and cherish can go on and on.  Although I am so sad she is gone and sad of the things I won't get to share with her I am so blessed with what I did get to share.  Her opinion ment so mush in so many area's of mylife including how much she adored my husband when she met him.  She is a women that will be missed for so many reasons.  My grandpa died October 11, 1995, my Grandma celebrated her 87th birthday this year on October 14th and died October 18, this has become a full month of memories.

You would think that with being pregnant I would be ten times more emotional about this but for some reason it is just not realistic to me.  I think of her still at home sitting in her chair reading, watching TV, and watching the leaves fall from the trees.  I think not having her around at Christmas will be the strangest and the hardest for everyone.  Every season was her favorite but she loved the holidays for all the great reasons that are out there.  She was a loved and cherished women and I am blessed to have had her as a grandma.

one of my favorites from when I was little

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fblife said...

Losing Grandparents is so hard. It still hits me in waves. October is such a hard month as it brings so many memories. I will be praying for you as you process!!!