Tuesday, November 8, 2011


No this is not about my babies but about Gracie's babies.  I wanted to document this before I forgot.  All children go through different toys and favorites.  Gracie loves having one friend in each arm so there are always at least pairs.

From Left to Right - this is Abby & Cabby
Cabby was Gracie's first cabbage patch given to her by my parents.  I think the doll scared her for some time.  When Abby came around she fell in love with her right away.  If troy and I were to ever help carry her babies we were given Cabby to carry.  I can say that she did change favorites for a short time until they were replaced by new friends.
meet rosetta & tinker bell
these 2 girls were given to Gracie as a reward after potty training
daddy hippo, mama duck, gracie duck,
baby duck & the princess duck
this group started Gracie love for everything mama and baby
if she sees to hearts and one is bigger then the other that big
sticker becomes mammy sticker & the other baby sticker
bunny bear, mama bunny & baby bunny
these 3 ladies have stuck in Gracie's favorite
they sleep in her bed every night and often go on outings
if one of them is left behind it is always bunny bear

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