Friday, January 9, 2009

2 Months & Plus some

This blog is just a stream of thoughts.

I thought I would just put up some pictures so you can see how much Gracie has grown over the past month. It is crazy that I hardly notice until I look at the pictures. We spent two weeks in Kansas. Starting off with the flight which Gracie did very well. Thanks to Kyle and Kristen, whose home we invaded for several days, we had tones of fun while in Sterling and we were able to see lots of friends which was wonderful to be able to catch up. We then headed to Smith Center for Christmas which was full of twist and turns. Two very cherished grandma's had heart attacks, thankfully both are doing very well, this sent the family to hospitals to check on loved ones Christmas day and the next couple of days. Then we went into wedding week which is always a crazy time trying to get everything together. Things turned out beautifully, the wedding was very nice and reception was lots of fun. I do not thing I held Gracie for more then 10 minutes the whole night. Plenty of people wanted to hold her, those cheeks attract so many. Thank you to all who helped pass her around, it turned out to be a date night for Troy and I. Gracie acquired lots of nice names: Gracie Bear, peanut, pumpkin, doll, stinky bottom and others I can not even remember. Only some will stay, just the favorites. Gracie now has 3 wonderful Aunt's and hope to welcome in a 4th soon.

Just a side, note for those of you wanting to know, there is a picture of Jodi in here, but she is still so tiny and cute. Sorry! Also, I will post more pictures on Facebook, it is much faster to upload too.

This is the hat I bought Gracie, thinking how warm it would keep her. It was way too big so I decided to fold it up. When I got into the book store this is how I found her sleeping so soundly. I had to take a picture. For all of those worrying I have not put it back on her yes in fear it is a breathing hazard but have been using the one Lily made her, nice job.