Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Beautiful Girl

A wonderful friend of mine took Gracie's 6 month pictures and she did a fabulous job. This past weekend Tracey came to the house and we had pictures taken around the house and a lot at the park. Gracie was such a trooper and did a great job just being her joyful self. She was a little more serious while at the park. She was so amused by all of her new souroundings that we had a hard time getting her to smile and not be so serious. But even with some of the serious faces we still got a lot of great shots. I have not even seen all of them yet but she sent me a few to see how they turned out, wonderful. Tracey, thank you and I am excited to be able to work along side of you. You are a great teacher.

Enjoy the pictures!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Christmas in May

Each night I sing my Gracie to sleep while rocking her. Some nights Gracie seems not to want the singing and rather have the silence and other nights she fights going to sleep. Honestly, it is not much of a fight because she always gives into the sleep after 5 minutes. I have a couple of songs that I always sing to her but sometimes I try to mix it up. This week a new song popped into my mind, Judy Garland’s, Have Your Self a Merry Little Christmas from Meet Me in St Louis. Yes, that is right Christmas songs in May. Well, it was a hit. Gracie was singing a long while playing with her hair so I just kept singing it over and over. Now you know when I say singing that I did not understand the words but it was beautiful to be, I loved it. So, every night this week I have sang it just to her here sing and have added in a couple other Christmas songs.

Just thought I would share one of the week highlights

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My Baby Girl is 6 Months

My baby girl is 6 months. Wow, time goes so quickly. It is so strange to think at this time last year I was pregnant, I did not know what I was having and we were worried about the cyst. Now I have this beautiful little girl who just lights up our world. She has been so much fun. She is talking, well jibber jabber that sounds wonderful. She sounds like she says dadada all the time. Last night I tried to tape her talking and she freezes and just stares at the camera. When Troy got home last night he went to say hit to her and she starts talking up a storm with daddda and telling him her day adventures. We love her stories even when we have no idea what she is try to say. She yells at her toys and bangs them around. Her personality is shinning right threw. Example she will roll over but does not seem to enjoy it as much as I would like so we put her on her tummy often and she will roll her self back on to her back. Or if she is on her back she will roll her bottom half of her body over but will leave her head facing up, Troy then will give her a nudge to help go the rest of the way and she straightens her back right up and looks at him as to say "no daddy, I do it by myself". She hates wearing socks, the ladies at daycare think it is so funny that she kicks them off or will pull them off. She loves all of her fruits and veggies. She LOVES being outside more then anything. Taking her for a walk to help her fall a sleep does not work she will keep those eyes open the whole time. Taking in everything once I get home she is out. She will sit on the porch and just watch us in the yard. She loves the cars, the noises from the chirping birds and the dogs barking. Having her makes you stop and appreciate how beautiful everything is. You look at your world threw different eyes. Gracie had been teething so we are expecting to see a tooth her in the next month. She will chew on anything she can get her hands on. I know everyone has a favorite stage but I can not pick one I love them all. I loved her being helpless at the beginning and how much she needed me. I love that now she is learning so much and changing so much everyday. Having her is just an amazing blessing.

Enjoy the pictures and video. Gracie is getting 6 month pictures this weekend so those will be up soon.