Monday, January 18, 2010

Long Over Due Photos

I should have added these long ago but just kept forgetting.  But a dear friend and mentor recently asked to see more pictures.  Here are some of my favorites that we had taken last november for Gracie's 1 year.  We did a 30 minute little photo shot and we love them pictures.  It is hard to really get Gracie to show off her personality in front of the camera, but Tracey did a great job.  And, her husband was great at doing silly little things to get Gracie to laugh.  We loved these!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dress Up

I know it is way to early for make up but this morning I was getting ready and Gracie was trying to get into everything.  So I put a couple of necklaces on her and my bag of make up.  I knew just the idea otaking everything out of it would entertain her long enough for me to finish what I was doing.  Of course I thought she was just so cute so I took a couple of quick pictures for our memory.  Gracie you are such a cutie.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Baby Sign Language

When I was in high school our youth group alway did sign language to worship songs.  I know some think this is cheesy but I always enjoyed it.  My friend Emily took sign classes in high school and shared her knowledge often.  Although my school never offered classes like that I have always been interested.  Signing is a big thing to teach kids and I always wanted to do this with Gracie.  I assumed this would be a pointless task since Gracie attends daycare.  I assumed that it would not be affective since she is there most of the day and would only be practicng her signing an hour or 2 at night and then the weekend.  Recently, Troy and I decided to go ahead and teach Gracie some signs anyway.  Gracie caught on right away, literally.  Using signs like more, drink, finished and a couple others. 

Our daycare is always working with the kids and there different skills.  Troy and I have to fill out papers to see where Gracie is with her communication and motor skills.  This helps us and the daycare to see what areas Gracie could be behind in, ahead or even areas that we wish for the daycare to work on specifically with Gracie.  I asked about sign language and if they would be willing to work on just some of the signs that were really important to me.  It turns out, they already do sign language with the kids.  What a sneaky little thing.  So that fast learning is because Gracie already does the signs at daycare.  Don't get me wrong she is a smart little thing, it is just funny to know she already has seen the signs we were showing her.  Since it is now apparent she knows what is going on we are more persistent to see her sign.  It has been a lot of fun to watch her communicate to us in a whole new way and she is doing a really good job.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christmas 2009 ~ The Big Reveal

My sister-in-law Kassi is pregnant and due in mid-May.  They wanted tell my family in person what the were having.  First, you must understand my brother was a HUGE survivor fan back in the day.  In high school he made this hilarious videos(I wish I had to show you) with my brother and stuffed animals, it was so funny.  Steve set up his computer in my parents office as a confessional both.  And one by one we went in and declared what each of us thought we were having and why.  Alex, took the longest because he ended up dancing around, I also danced around and proclaimed to be the best aunt ever even though for a long while I will the the only aunt, my Dad had a hole paper showing his process, Taylor's was done in the dark, and my Mom's and Troy's were the only normal ones.  We watch all of the video's and laughed hysterically.  They then revealed by opening the lid of the cake that said...

Most of us guessed right....

Steve and Kassi

Kassi's little belly

Me and my sister-in-law Kassi

I also got to take a couple of pictures of Kassi and Steve, check it out at CandaceLynnPhotography.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas 2009 ~ Part 1

This Christmas we spent a few days with my family in Cincinnati and my brother Steve and his wife Kassi, who flew in from Cali.  Gracie did great with getting reacquainted with everyone and being loved on all the time.  She especially loved my parents dog, Carson.  Gracie was very aware of the giant golden retriever that was running around the house and Carson seemed to be protective of Gracie.  I would catch them staring at each other, as if they were in a competition.  They would be nose to nose and I would just watch for that short minute to make sure there were no sudden movements by Gracie's hand toward the dog or the dog to her.  Carson was so good with her, I was actually surprised.  At one point during one of there stare downs Gracie made the mistake of lifted her hand which was a sign to the dog she wanted to pet him and the dog licked her cheek.  Gracie loved it.  I know those out there that think gross but it was so cute.  After that it seemed to be Gracie's goal to get her face up next to the dogs mouth so he would do it again, she thought it was funny.  Carson is harmless, well minus that tale, which is like a deadly weapon when it hits you and Gracie's face was at just the right height.  But she never got hit, which is surprising since she chased him all the time, it was very cute.  As for Christmas, well Gracie is still too young to understand the unwrapping and the gifts.  I tried to rip the corner of one of her gifts to show her how it is done but she would just try to push it back into place as if I had messed it up.  So, during the unwrapping of gifts Gracie took a nap and was very happy to play with the toys when she got up.  The rest of the time we spent eating our Cincinnati favorites, playing games, and relaxing.  It was a good time.

Cliff stopped by to give Gracie her gift

My brothers had to go on a scavenger hunt for
there gift, tickets to the Sugar Bowl! (Alex smile:)

Gracie with her gifts.

Uncle Alex putting together Gracie's Basketball hoop.

Gracie waiting patiently for her mom to
open her people's.  Those things are in there tight.

Gracie actually tried to eat 1 of those bottle caps.

Gracie's new eye roll, isn't she too young for that?

Eating her dinner so well.

Sorry no pictures of Gracie with Carson, I am not sure how that happened.