Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Big Day

On the big day the girls got up early and headed to the reception site to set-up.  Then back home to get ready.  In our house we had Troy, Jake, Audi, and myself to get ready.  I planned on getting Gracie and Nolan ready at the church, this meant I had to pack a million things.  I even pulled over once going down the street to double check that I had everything, I freaked myself out a little bit.  Once at the church a series of events occurred, they went something like this.

First, Gracie tripped on her way into the church, skinning her elbow and knee.  I then curled Gracie's hair and put her dress on.  She then ran into the wall, walking, I thought she maybe exaggerating when she was crying but then her nose started bleeding, no worries, aunts and mema got that all fixed up.  While Aunt Audi explained to the family what happened Gracie tuned in with "I'm so embarrassed".  I am not sure if she know what that means but it broke my heart.  We then headed outside for pictures, where Gracie stepped on the front of her dress, which pulled out the pleats.  You could hardly notice and when she walked on the floor at the church seemed just fine.  When it was time for the wedding Gracie and Sawyer did great.  However when Gracie dropped the petals on the floor she bent forward and stepped on the dress and tripped a little.  Not much, but this caused the flower to come out of her little basket and she proceeded to pick them up.  At that point I just prayed she would not start crying with everyone watching.  But she did great she stood up and continued down the isle.  Smart girl picked up her dress and continued on perfectly.  Bless her little heart.  No one even seemed to notice what happened, most missed the tripping part.

Over all the kids did great and were so cute!  I will post a few of my favorite and the rest will be on FB(click the letters FB to be direct to the pictures even if you don't have facebook).
 gracie's hair and the bow I made, pretty cute right!
gracie and her new aunt jess 
 i love my family
 good job baby girl
 although she look cute, she was actually in timeout
she was teasing sawyer 
that's how fast those curls came out 
and there is LOTS of product in 
her hair, she has mema's hair;) 
 gracie and papa
 nolan loving his time with papa
 this is the best one i got and hoping kristen's is better
 although i had fun hanging out with jess, 
during the wedding she was a great 
help with nolan, he just loves her
 being introduced at the reception
 gracie dancing with cliff
jess with her new FIL

Friday, June 29, 2012

Festivities ~ Part 2

The rehearsal dinner was bbq themed.
Things turned out pretty cute and everyone loved the food.

The Decorations
 white table clothes, burlap runners, 
red candles, and ball jars with flowers
 pretty cute
 our pie dessert table
 gracie loving her flower girl gifts
 daddy & the kids
 my babies
 the kansas girls
 nora being cute
gracie & sawyer being so cute and 
practicing their duet for the wedding;)

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Family Time

In the midst of the wedding festivities we found time to just enjoy hanging out and enjoying the cool indoors.  Here are a few of the pictures documenting our family time together.

 nolan laughing at auntie kristen
little miss nora 
trying to get the to n's to sit for a picture....impossible 
miss nora and me 
filling boxes with m&m's 
very funny;) 
mema & nolan
as close to still as i can get them

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Let the Festivities Begin ~ Part 1

The morning of the rehearsal the girls headed to some pampering, this included pedicures and then lunch.  We all enjoy the much need beautifying of the feet.  I even dared to bring Gracie. This was not something I planned on introducing for years to come but with all the ladies in the family going I thought she would love it.  I did not have my first pedi until college.  Gracie did great she just walked around checking on everyone at the beginning making sure they were ok.

 gracie & nolan
 her first time getting her nails painted
 pink with black strips, she copied miss breckyn
gracie could not get enough of Jessie's long hair &
Breckyn's dark hair, just like Jasmine
 then her nails with strips, they actually turned out cute

our group
marlene, breckyn, jessie, kristen, audra, candace, gracie, sheila, & jess

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

a fun FILLED week

warning these posts will go fast, I am REALLY behind....

A week ago our first set of guest arrived this included Troy's mom, Sheila, and his two cousin Jessie and Breckyn.  They came in for a pre-week of fun before Cliff's wedding.

Let's get started with our zoo day.  We went Monday morning and thank goodness.  It was hot but the week would only get hotter so it worked out perfectly.  Everyone had a blast.  Enjoy the pictures!