Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Let the Festivities Begin ~ Part 1

The morning of the rehearsal the girls headed to some pampering, this included pedicures and then lunch.  We all enjoy the much need beautifying of the feet.  I even dared to bring Gracie. This was not something I planned on introducing for years to come but with all the ladies in the family going I thought she would love it.  I did not have my first pedi until college.  Gracie did great she just walked around checking on everyone at the beginning making sure they were ok.

 gracie & nolan
 her first time getting her nails painted
 pink with black strips, she copied miss breckyn
gracie could not get enough of Jessie's long hair &
Breckyn's dark hair, just like Jasmine
 then her nails with strips, they actually turned out cute

our group
marlene, breckyn, jessie, kristen, audra, candace, gracie, sheila, & jess

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