Monday, March 19, 2012


With all the pictures I take I try to make sure the camera is pointed at Gracie just as much as it is at Nolan.  On this morning I was taking a few of Nolan and Gracie asked me to take a picture of her.  Of course my little beauty just lights it up with that bond hair and blue eyes.  She also wanted to included her mama bunny who she loves dearly.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

More Action for Nolan

Since Nolan is much more active and wanting to be apart of everything that is going on we introduced him to what I call the mini saucer.  Right now he really just sits in it and watches Gracie run around the house.  It also relieves me from turning him over every 2 minutes.  Here are a couple pictures for hiss first day enjoying sitting up.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Our Mornings

Our mornings are busy.   It starts early with feeding Nolan, getting myself dressed, and getting both kids dressed.  Once this is accomplished we have to get all bundled up to head to the car which includes 3 bags, 2 kids, and 1 mom.  I am sure my neighbor laughs see me hull all this load to the car.  Although every minute is needed in the morning to get ready I do get sometime to cuddle each of the kids when they first get up and sometimes a few pictures.

my sweet boy
my gracie girl
nolan wearing his adorable Old Navy hat 
and gracie loving on him like always

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cute Little Hands

Of course every inch of a baby is so cute but I love how much little Nolan plays with his hands.  One thing he does a lot of is gnaw on his hands.  This also happens to be the one thing Daddy dislikes the most, including thumb sucking.  It is a terrible habit to break so we have always used a paci.  I did manage to get a few cute shots of Nolan sucking on his thumb the other day.

Troy don't worry I took it out as soon as I got the picture;)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Night Out

This weekend Troy and I had our first night out without any kids.  It was a hard one to pull off, being an hour from home and finding someone I trust with both Gracie & Nolan the night almost did not happen.  At the last minute I decided not to worry and got a babysitter, who was great!

We headed to Cleveland to watch the Cavs get killed by the Bulls, Wahoo!  I am not a fan of either team but my husband loves the Bulls.  He was excited to see Rose play and  no I have no idea this person even existed until during the game, sorry I am a college ball fan, not a fan of the NBA.  I am a fan of my hubbies so we went and had a good time.

It was a nice time to step away but by 8:30 I was ready to go to bed, I know how lame. Don't worry we stayed until 10 but man this is when I feel old.  Just a little to much going on in life and not enough sleep.