Sunday, March 4, 2012

A Night Out

This weekend Troy and I had our first night out without any kids.  It was a hard one to pull off, being an hour from home and finding someone I trust with both Gracie & Nolan the night almost did not happen.  At the last minute I decided not to worry and got a babysitter, who was great!

We headed to Cleveland to watch the Cavs get killed by the Bulls, Wahoo!  I am not a fan of either team but my husband loves the Bulls.  He was excited to see Rose play and  no I have no idea this person even existed until during the game, sorry I am a college ball fan, not a fan of the NBA.  I am a fan of my hubbies so we went and had a good time.

It was a nice time to step away but by 8:30 I was ready to go to bed, I know how lame. Don't worry we stayed until 10 but man this is when I feel old.  Just a little to much going on in life and not enough sleep.

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Rachel said...

Glad you had a fun date night!!!