Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bath Time

When I was pregnant with Nolan I remember having a conversation with Gracie in the car.  She was asking about her baby brother and I was telling her the fun things they would get to do together.  She could help me change his diaper, hold him, and get him dressed.  She was so excited about all of this.  She asked me if he could play with her in the bath and I told her now for a long time.  He will have to be able to sit all by himself before that can happen.  At night while Gracie takes a bath I usually give Nolan a bath not with her.  One night I decided to put Nolan in with Gracie, now this was not an original idea.  My mom had done it while she was in town visiting in January.  Gracie loved it.  She wanted to show him all her toys and he loved watching her and loved just laying back and relaxing.  He is a little water baby and she loves helping me.  The other night Troy helped me by taking pictures while I held Nolan.  He loves, loves being naked and the water, now only if he could eat at the same time;)

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