Sunday, February 12, 2012

3 Months

This 3rd month we do not have a well visit, the next one is not until March.  But based on our home scale it looks like Nolan is weighing over 13lbs not quite 14lbs yet but close.  As for height we will just wait until the doctor gives us his real stats next month.  You still have dry skin on your forehead and scalp but for the most part it is pretty cleared up, mommy just has to keep up with brushing it during each bath.

What Nolan is up too or still doing:
  • Seems to be hungry all the time
  • Loves being naked more then anything
  • Smiles all the time
  • When you are awake you want to be talked too
  • Making bubbles
  • Sticking out your tongue
  • Favorite person by far is Gracie.  You smile the most for her, you loves her high pitched voice.
  • Eating every 3 hours sometimes 4 and at the most 5
  • Sleep schedule - most of the time you are in bed no later then 10 or 10:30
  • You continue to spit up.  Although it has slowed down.  Not as much as before and when I think you have kicked this bad habit all together you surprise me with spit up;)  The other night you came home from being baby sat and smelled terrible from spit up.  I can smell it a mile away, yuck.  I know you have no stopped.
  • nicknames: little man, squirt, buddy, pumpkin
  • You are officially sleeping in your baby bed all the time.  You do just fine but you do scoot enough that your legs end up sticking out of the bars.  
  • I have gone back to work part-time.  Both you and Gracie have adjusted well so far.  You go with daddy for a half day on Monday's and to Christina's on Tuesday and Thursday for the whole day.  I cherish every minute I have with you both on my days off.  I have to be very diligent about my lunch hour so I can get things done so I have Wednesday and Friday dedicated to just you two.
  • Loves talking.
  • You like to be held a lot right now, you just want to be talked to.
  • Trying to sit up.  I don't mean you can do this by yourself but if I am holding you, you try.  You also love sitting up in a chair or on the couch.  I think it is time to borrow a bumbo.
  • Gracie has always been pretty consistent with her clothes size.  At 3 months she wore 3 month clothes.  Nolan is so long that his night time pj's are to short.  I pulled out 3 to 6 month pj's and 6 month pj's and the weight and length in them were the same.   You don't fill it out completely length wise but you need the room and the 3 month are to short.  I have started to go through all of your clothes and make sure I get one last picture of you  in my favorite outfits.  I have a couple of onsies I have pulled out that I love and the are not close to buttoning any more.  Some pants are ok on the length but pretty close.  We are officially moving you up.  This is very sad for your mommy.  If there was such thing as 4 month that is where you would be.
  • I ran out of size 1 diapers and already had a box of 2's so that is where we are now.  We would have ended up in 2's soon anyway.  Please slow down in growing.
  • You have just recently wore your first pair of shoes.  You are a size 1 but I just made it.  I am not sure that you will be in a 1 much longer.  
  • You are growing like a weed and it is breaking my heart to see your things get packed.
  • You have no problem taking a bottle as long as you are being feed you are happy.
  • Starting to become ticklish or react to me tickling you.  I do stop quickly because I think it is like torment when you can't fully belly laugh yet.
  • Grabbing your toys that hang down from the play mat.
  • Drooling often.
  • Love chewing on your hand, thumb, or paci.
  • You love bath time.
  • I am not in a hurry to have you rolling over or crawling so lets move slow on these, please.
Best Moments of the Last Month:
  • I put Nolan down in his bed a couple of times between 9 & 9:30.  Much to my surprise he slept to 5am.  I won't let myself get use to this but thank you for the extra time.
  • We love how you smile at us when we talk.  Daddy says you can find me any where in the room and grin ear to ear when you see me.  You make my heart melt.
  • Watching Gracie comfort you when you are sad.  She gives you your paci and say "shhh".  We love watching the sibling love grow.

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