Friday, April 17, 2009

Some 5 month pictures & Easter

I thought you may enjoy some more pictures of Gracie and her Easter pictures. Enjoy!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Gracie is 5 Month

Yeap that is right Gracie is now 5 months. We have been feeding her cereal which she loves and seems not to be able to get enough of. Last weekend we started with peas, which she loves! I was so proud of her, especially since her parents won't eat them at all but shhhh, we do not need to tell her that. She jabbers away and uses her high pitch vocals to get our attention if we are not looking. She also seems to love anything that has a face. No matter the animal she loves it, mainly to stick in her mouth and then to whip it around in the air, then to bang it on the floor. She is quit abusive to her little friends right now which is so funny. And of course everything she does we think is spectacular, which is just how it should be. She is very much a morning person. She loves talking and rolling on to her side. You put her in bed one way and by morning she has moved herself around. I love putting her into the saucer at the daycare. She loves hitting all the little objects that are on it. She is just a really good baby. No complaints!