Sunday, July 20, 2008

July Update

Things here have been extremely busy. For the first part of July my family was in town trying to help us finish some projects around the house. One of which was pulling up the floor in the bathroom, and taking out the toilet & sink, which was green and must have been here since the 50's or 60's. Of course I was not allowed near the bathroom but I checked in on the progress often just to see what was taking place. We also got the baby bed put up and in place. You might think it is early but for those football wives out there I am sure you understand. Once August hits Troy will the MIA and when he is a round his mind will be football filled. So, I wanted to get the big stuff done before he had millions of things to do. I also had the pleasure of staying at my brother-in-law Cliff's apartment. Which, by the way had no air, while our floors were being worked on. If you are regnant do not try this it is horrible, I found myself taking cold showers just to cool down at night before bed. But I was thankful not to have to be paying for a hotel so it worked out. Needless to say we got many things done around the house and it looks great. All ready for Baby Schenk to come in and take over.
Troy and I also made the Trip back to Smith Center, Kansas. Troy got there about 4 days before I did to
spend a little QT with his family and I flew in on Thursday and drove from KC with his Aunt for a baby shower. The week was so busy but so much fun to be able to see so many people. It was nice to be able to connect with friends that I do not always get to see when I go SC. The Gillen side of the family had a little reunion as well, since for some of them it had been a couple of years. As for the shower, it was great. I was so blessed by the gifts and generosity. It was wonderful to see everyone there.

Troy and I also celebrated our 5-year anniversary. It is so fun to look back and think how neat it is where we are, how much we have learned and how much has changed. I always love the reflection time at this time each year.

As for the pregnancy it is going really good. I am now 25 weeks which means I am in the third trimester of the pregnancy. I am almost done. We are
excited and trying to get the big stuff done before football comes. The idea that I will be a mom in just 3 months or less is crazy the feeling is just surreal that in a few second I become a mom, it is just mind boggling. Oh, in case I have not told you I am having a girl! Yes, most of you voted this way so many of you are not surprised. I am planning on a girl now so hopefully when Baby Schenk comes out that is what we get : )

The month of July has been full and it is not even over yet. I plan not to do much more until August. Thank you for all your encouragement.