Monday, November 23, 2009

Gracie Lynn Who & Melting My Heart

Do you remember Cindy Lou Who from the movie How the Grinch Stole Christmas?  Do you remember how her hair was a little on the wacky side?  Well, I decided to have a little fun with Gracie's hair since it has gotten so long and it is so hard to get out of her face.  I just thought it would be fun to do.   Although I accomplished putting her hair into pig tails, it did not go with out a fight and the some big tears.  She hated it.  She usually does not ming mer messing with her hair, usually she just sits in my lap.  Now she cries everytime I get near her head.  The little rubber bands I have seem to be pulling her hair and I am on the look out for ones that are not so hurtfull.  I was unable to get a picture of little Gracie Lynn Who.  I thought you would Even though I have no  but I have one of Cindy Lou Who.

Cindy Lou Who

On a side note. 
Troy and I have been working on different things with our little Gracie.  I will not disclose now due to the close timing in our travel to Kansas for Thanksgiving and it will be fun having them see it first hand.  Anyway, Friday we were showing her how to blow kisses.  This morning when I dropped her off at daycare, I waived at her and blew her a kiss and she did it back.  Not only once but twice and of course I was so excited and her teacher started clapping and telling Gracie what a good job, which made her stop.  But I loved it!  And will try to keep pushing that one for all the time.  What a way to melt your mommy's heart!

Monday, November 16, 2009

The Big Transition

Gracie has been going to daycare at Wonder World since she was 3 months. Those ladies have made me feel so comfortable with leaving Gracie there. They love her to pieces, have given me great at advice and love on her when she has not felt good. Now that Gracie is one she will be leaving those ladies that I love and will be gone into a new room. I am sure Gracie is very happy about that all of her friends have been moved over in the last couple of months. She stands at the little door and yells over at them. Miss Natalie went over last month and Lo goes over next week. Gracie will be the oldest in her class and it seems a lot of new infants have come in and she has been on the move. Monday will be her first transition day. This means she will go over to the other class room for maybe an hour in the afternoon to play and then will come back over. This will continue until the end of November. Each time she will stay for a little bit longer to get use to the teachers and to get familiar with everything, so that they are no over whelmed. I think I will have a harder time then she will. Dodie, Nancy, Brandy, Marie and Barb are the ladies that have cared for her and loved her and I love them. The have been such a blessing, and I will miss having them with her everyday.

This picture is really old, all those trees are much taller now but isn't it cute!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Gracie's 1st Birthday Bash

I made Gracie's invitaion, it is much cuter in person.

My parents came in on Thursday and Friday to help with Gracie’s party. It was a busy couple of days but we got it all done. Saturday night we hung all the decorations. When I came down stairs Sunday morning Gracie was sitting in the dinning room and she pointed to the flowers hanging from the ceiling, she seemed too love them.

Gracie’s Birthday was a blast. It was a color them of pink, aqua and purple with a candy bar full of the same colors. I am not really big into character parties and she does not really know any so I just did colors, I am sure this may change as she get older. With bouquets of chocolate covered pretzels, rock candy, candy apples, sugar cookies, m&m’s, chocolate covered marshmallows, jelly bellies, cake and much more. There were plenty of goodies to go around.

Sugar cookies cut into 1's, G's & S's, I hung
a ribbon of pictures from 1 month thru 12 months,
and all different items on the candy bar.

Gracie had just gotten up from her nape when some of the guest had arrived and I got her dressed and ready. To my surprise she did not move much at all. She pretty much sat there looking at everyone. It was a lot for her to take in. There were a handful of people she did go to comfortably but other wise she was pretty shy. And, if you know my Gracie she is usually very out going and will go to anyone, but not on her birthday. Besides that we had beautiful weather it was in the 70’s which was nice for Troy who was doing all the grilling which is where most of the guys seemed to congregate.

Gracie in her Birthday outfit. 
I made the tutu and her Auntie Kristen gave her the shirt.

Gracie had a smash cake which she seemed to poke at and picked of the little pink sprinkles. Everyone suggested putting her hand in it to show her what to do so I did. Nothing, she seemed a little disgusted at the idea. We finally fed her a little piece and she was good to go. Her face was covered in chocolate even though she did not really put much of a dent into the little cake I had made her.

Gift time was most interesting and embarrassing, well at least for me. Gracie did not seem to like all the people she just could not get over it. I was helping her open some of her gifts and at some point she crawled away and was completely uninterested leaving me to open her gifts for her which was so awkward. We tried to get her back but she had found some she liked to holder her instead so she could watch. Oh, well it was her first and she did not understand completely what was going on.

The Proud Parents

Once everyone left she was all over the peoples. She was putting them in the little doll house/bookshelf. She loves it! It is so funny to watch her play with her toys and get so excited about them. It is quit apparent that the little toys we had were pretty boring to her.

Chocolate Cake Face

Earlier this week I wanted to take some more pictures of Grace with just her in a diaper and a cake. She did pretty well, she seemed to go straight for the icing and cake but she was not as messy. She actually got some on her foot and she just kept holding it up in the air. She does not seem to like being dirty too much. She even tried to shake some of the icing off her hands at times but then went back to eating.

Over all it was a great party and I think everyone had a good time. Lucky for Gracie she gets to celebrate her birthday again at the end of the month when we go to Smith Center to see Troy’s parents. I would like to say cake is off limits for the next year but I do not think that will happen yet.

Gracie playing with her little book case
which we consider a little doll house

Party bags to fill with candy to go

I will try and add all the pictures to
facebook here in the next couple of days.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Gracie!

This past year you have learned to smile, sit up, roll over, talk, crawl, stand and now walk. These milestones are a big deal and have been so fun to watch. I can not believe you were once so tiny and dependant on us and now you move freely thru the house. Gracie you have been such a blessing to us and we love you with all our hearts. You can light up a room with your joy and laughter. You are such a good baby, you eat pretty much anything and you love being around other kids.

Although sometimes being a parent can be challenging trying to figure out, what to teach, how to discipline and what in the end is best for you. I view parenting as a mission trip, you are there to teach, help and make an impression in people’s lives and at the end you find that they have blessed you and taught you just as much during your experience. Parenting is the same way, I am blessed by you. After 20 years I know that from this experience I will have learned so much.

I am excited for you and all your new discoveries to come. We are proud parents and love you so very much! You are truly the light in our eyes.

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

If you want to see more pictures her Auntie Kristen put some up.