Thursday, July 31, 2014

Road Trip #3 {hillsboro, ks}

In the midst of the busyness working on the farm and on the house we took off for a long weekend and headed down to Hillsboro, Kansas to stay with Jake and Audi.  We had not seen there newest home in person, we had done a Skype tour before but I wanted to see it in person and get a little one-on-one time with them.  We had a blast going for walks, playing with Koen's JD, playing with sparklers, and just enjoying the company.

 road trip #3

 Running on Tabor's Field

 Checking out the new offices and Gracie attached to Aunt Audi
 someone's getting sleepy

 playing with poppers

 A hot day needs a sprinkler.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Kansas Family {Part 6}

While in Kansas we had a fire night where we roasted hotdogs and did marshmallows.  It was a lot of fun to hang outside and do this sort of fun stuff.  Everyone had been working hard and this was a fun little treat.

 The boys running fun one John Deere to another

 The apple doesn't fall far from the tree G acting silly

 out for a ride
 Whenever we visit Kansas the past few years it has been for the Holidays so we don't get much time with family that isn't rushed by the next event so it was nice to just sit a chat.  We went to visit Cousin Brayton and to see his newly refinish house and to eat.  Uncle Marv got out the golf cart and took all the kids for a ride.

 Then he let them take him for a ride.  Crazy Drivers, Watch out!

 Wrestle time with uncle Marv at lunch one day after working.
Of course the Kansas sunset!  I missed this a lot.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Kansas Family {Part 5}

Uncle Jake, Aunt Audra, and Koen were all able to stay for the weekend so we made the most of our time.  The kids did not hesitate when at the chance to have a dance party and wrestle.  It was to be able to spend sometime with them since normally we see them once a year.

 Koen and Audra
 We found these Woody & Buzz PJ's at the thrift store and were the perfect size for these two. They looked so cute together.
 Nolan using the butterfly net to catch himself

 Wrestling with Aunt Audi
 please Audi can I do it one more time!!!
 One more ride
 Yes he loved it
 Audi and Miss G
 The boys hanging out
 I went to take a picture and this just happened.  Welp they are related no doubt.
 Troy and Koen bonding over tractors

Lots of time to catch-up with there Aunt Audi