Saturday, July 12, 2014

While the Kids are Away

We for sure played!  Honestly, the first week the kids were gone both of us had plenty of projects to get done.  Although, there was some work I had lots of girls nights, bible studies, and date nights.  I even managed to get 2 days where I just sat at the beach and looked at girly magazines.  One of the last days before leaving for Kansas a friend and her daughters came and hangout with me at the beach.  It was a good time but I was more then ready to see my kidos.

 beach time alone
 date night with friends 
We took advantage of the kid free time and got to have a double date night just the four of us.  Last time this happened it was about 9 years ago, before kids, so crazy!
 reese's cup ice cream, yes please!
 we could not but help document the time alone!
troy and i had heard about this store 5 below
it's our new favorite store and i think the kids will love it

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