Saturday, July 5, 2014

Road Trip #1 {springfield, il}

Road Trip #1
Date: 6/6/2014
Destination: Springfield, IL
Information:  Taking Gracie and Nolan to meet up with Mema and Breckyn to spend sometime on the farm without there parents.  Our family also got to meet one of the newest Schenk's.

This little kids clips were a new addition to the car for our summer road trips.  I loved this idea I saw on pinterest and the kids are at the perfect age to get how awesome they are.  It took me about 5 minutes to make these little people.  The kids loved it and Nolan was so upset the first time his came down, that once it went back up, it stayed.

The rule was simple: as long as they were doing well, the clip stayed up.  But, if anyone made a bad choice and decided to be ugly or whiny, their clip came down.  If the clip came down, they would miss out on the next fun thing, whether it be a pack of gum at the next gas stop, an ice cream cone, or even getting to choose the next movie or having extra time on the iPad.

1 nap
1 no nap
what's a road trip without a couple of selfies
plus the kids love taking pictures of themselves
mostly with there tongues out

silly girl

road trip #1
gracie has the first turn with the number
gracie holding kolter

nolan ran back in from all the kids and his mema to
have his chance to hold this little guy.  he loved it!

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