Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Kansas Visit {Part 3}

During our first week at Kansas we attended couple potlucks and got to catch-up with a lot of people. Kind checked off the list trying to see everyone.  The kids had a fun time playing with second/third cousins, I can't keep track.

My Nolan in time-out...

Gracie girl having a blast with her friends!  The fun part is knowing she will see these girls every summer and can make long friendships with some of them, pretty cool.

Nolan is always running.
May and Gracie were born just a few days from each other.  This is the first time we have had them side by side since 2008.

During our trip to Kansas we took Gracie's training wheels off.  We didn't get in as much practice but we have time to work on it.

Of course thinks he should get in there with his 3 wheeler.

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