Monday, July 14, 2014

Smith Center {Before Parents}

I love picture updates of my kids, it could be while I am out working by my hubby, a babysitter update, and even family.  I love see what my kids are up too and how much fun they are having, it always seems to ease my mind.  Here are some of the pictures that were sent to me via text.

 nolan in a pair of overalls which he only left on long
 enough for his mema to take this picture....he hated them
 a little picnic breakfast
 time with there papa
 time on the rhino
 can you tell he is loving his Kansas time
 picking mulberries and eating them

 uncle jake and koen came to spend time with these crazy kids.

 two peas in a pod
these two guys can't get enough of there papa and John Deere Tractors
 movie night
what else would they be reading but a John Deere book

My father-in-law, Randy, gets up pretty early around 5 am every morning.  Randy would get up and head into the bathroom and when he came out there would be Nolan standing there barely awake but ready to follow his papa where ever he went.  If papa went to walk out their boor Nolan had his boots on in 2 seconds and was right on his heals.  He did want to miss a thing and helped his papa with every chore.  They were calling him his little shadow.  When it's time to feed the cows he even copies his papa and says "boss boss boss.  He loves his papa time.  More stories of Nolan and Papa to come.

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