Monday, July 21, 2014

Kansas Visit {Part 2}

After Sheila and I ventured out and had some fun days we thought we would help around the farm.  Harvest continued to be pushed back due to the rain and the wheat was not ready sows worked on the trees that had fallen from a recent storm.  Then we went a little crazy and decided to clean up all of the inside tree line.  I found out Sheila had an apple tree in the back yard that stopped producing apples a while back that was way over grown so I trimmed it up and I am hoping to see some apples on there again.  I am in love with homemade apple sauce.

As you will soon notice this little man was never far behind his papa.  We started calling him his little shadow.  He always wanted to know where papa was going and what he was doing.

trying to pick-up the biggest branches

showing me her strong muscles

if you weren't paying attention this is where you would find him

I know this is a terrible picture :( but I love the facial expressions during a game of dominos
Obviously with no mom and dad for a couple weeks and being with there Mema and Papa they start doing a few things we had not seen before.  This was the funnies.  Every meal Nolan sat as close to Papa as he could.  He stole food off his plate, had to always be touching Papa whether it was with his hand on his arm or touching this face.
They were two peas in a pod.  It was fun to see that relationship between them grow.  I had never seen a kid so in love with his papa before.  This was a little foreign to me so watching this little guy love his papa has been so cool.

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