Wednesday, July 27, 2011

24 Weeks - Updated

My little man is very busy kicking me and punching all day.  He is defiantly more active then Gracie ever was and he is also sitting much lower then Gracie ever did at least until the very end.  I am often wearing my belly band just to help with the pressure.  I am using lots of lotion because I am a little afraid this one may give stretch marks and I really don't want those. 

Cravings: nothing at this point and no aversions either
Sleep Cycle: always on my side with a pillow under my belly and my bathroom trips remain in the 2's and 3 area.
Movement: as I mentioned above, all day but my little man has never woken me up, yet.
Names: Troy came up with one the other night that we both actually liked so right now we have one but still searching for others.
Excited For: my 3D ultra sound with my mom and MIL
What to Expect: Per BabyCenter my baby is the size of an ear of corn.
New Moment: Gracie asked to hug & kiss my belly before bed
What I miss: sleeping threw the night & not having pain in my back all the time
A surprise: I think this time the belly button might go....only time will tell

I went to the doctor's office yesterday.  My weight gain and blood pressure were very good.  My little man's heart rate was 150 and he was kicking like crazy.  I usually love my visits because my nurse practitioner sits in there forever letting listen to the heart beat and comment on where his head is and how he is laying.  I always love hearing all the little details but sadly today was a quick visit with my doctor, in and out.  I thought today was glucose drink day but I won't have to do that until August.

not the best picture but there you have it
Best Moment of the Week:  Last night I asked Gracie if she wanted to feel the baby kick and she said yes.  I put her hand on my stomach and made her push down a little.  I prayed for another kick, and there it was 2 kicks right into Gracie's little hand.  She looked at me and said "why baby kicking me"?  Then this morning while she was laying in bed with me she asked if she could feel the baby kick.  I absolutley love this!

Monday, July 25, 2011


So my girl loves to dance and she loves to do it in her tutu.  Right now she loves the movie Happy Feet and wants to watch it all the time.  She just wants to dance with mr. happy feet.

Helping Gracie twirl

Friday, July 22, 2011

Thoughts on My Little Man

Troy is very excited....I am a little nervous.  I have all brother's so I shouldn't be but I have gotten use to my girl.  I hope he is as laid back as Troy is, our prediction, this kid may not talk for a long time and then one day it will just be a full sentence.  We just think it would be comical.  But in all seriousness I am ready for a boy and so very excited for Troy.  There will be a 3 year gap between Gracie and our new little man.  Interesting enough that is the age difference between my brother Stephen and myself.  I can't say we never fought but we are close.  We talk all the time and I love him to death.  I loved having him and I have some of the best memories of him.  So why am I nervous, I am not sure but I just am.  I have a thousand girls names I can use and ones at the top of the list waiting to be chosen but for a boy I have nothing.  Our roles in this area have reversed.  Troy sits up on the computer at night going over names and going through the books, reading off ones that he likes and all I can say is no, no, no, no way.  I don't know why but when I try to think of a name, there is nothing.  OK well I did finally come up with one and there are about 100 reasons why we can't use it so the search continues. I have no thought on a letter, no nothing.  That has made it a little harder plus I have to decide where this baby is going to go and how to decorate.  During pregnancy #1 I knew how I wanted to decorate the room and what name would be if it was a boy but now 2 1/2 years later those things are no longer appealing to me and I am starting from scratch.  I am on a search for thoughts and ideas.  I love the people throwing names out there because it keeps me thinking otherwise I don't give it a thought during my day.  Even now as I sit here, nothing.  We had thought that we would give Gracie the name so she could practice saying it and to help for an attachment early but she too might be surprised.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

8 Years of Bliss

Today marks a big day.  Troy and I have now been married 8 years.  Eight years, a daughter and one on the way, who knew this is where we would be on this day.  Actually this is exactly where we wanted to be and God's timing is always much more perfect then ours. 

To celebrate our anniversary Troy and I went to Gervasi Vinyard.  This has been on our list of the many places to visit but just never think of it on our date nights.  This is by far one of the neatest places I have been.  And we already started planing the people we want to double date with that would love it.  While waiting to be seated at there outdoor Piazza you can get in a game of corn hole, some boche ball or just take in the view at the lake.  If you don't want to wait they have blankets you can sit on to have your meal on the lawn.  We loved it.  I am sure we will be visiting again.  I only took a few pictures of your night but first a walk down memory lane.

Day 1
our first official couples picture
at my brothers rehearsal
on vaca in Punta Cana
day 2 as parents
gracie turns 1
our 1st schenk family vaca

picture of the lake at Gervasi Vinyard
a picture of the 2 of us enjoy our night

Friday, July 15, 2011

Sprinkled with Love

Recently, I heard about an event called a Sprinkle, like a baby shower but for baby #2 or 3 and instead of showering them with gifts you sprinkle them, very clever.  What a great way to get those few things that are need for baby #2.  Now I checked with my SIL Kassi in Cali and she said they do them with every baby.  Mainly a reason for girls time and then you bring diapers or a cute little outfit.  As I read about these things called "Sprinkles"  I found people loved them or hated them and it really had to do with your particular circle of friends.  Anyway, I decided I didn't care so I threw one for my SIL Kristen who will be welcoming a little girl.  I tried to make it simple but you know my when it comes to parties I can't just do simple, the ideas just go running through my head.  I threw her an adorable pink and yellow themed Sprinkle that was held at 10am at her house with all her friends from church and I was the hostess.

the table
sorry about the light
the donut tree
kyle made the chalkboard blocks

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

There's No Place Like Kansas

As I had mentioned in my previous post Troy & Gracie made the long haul to Smith Center, Kansas.  This is a trip that Troy wants to make a yearly tradition, making sure our kids get some good farm time in.  Luckily they were accompanied by his brother Kyle & nephew Sawyer.  The 4 of them drove the Toyota out and I will paint the seen in the back with Gracie facing forward and Sawyer facing the  back seat which lead to some good conversation for the two of them and some taunting.  Now I did not witness the taunting but heard it over the phone and just laughed.  The driving part was hardest on all involved including me.  I just needed them off the road and safe.  Once they got to Kansas they had a great time and Gracie loved every minute.  Every time time I called I asked Troy if he was taking pictures, so even though I missed it I could at least see all the good times.  And, he did get some great pictures, so here are just some of my favorites.

Gracie & Sawyer with Mema
my nephew Sawyer looks just like his daddy
Gracie & Papa in the tractor
the kids out cruisin'
Sawyer & Gracie with Papa
Uncle Jake teaching Gracie how to swing
Auntie Audi & Gracie going for a ride
my favorite - wrestling time
While Gracie holds Uncle Jake down Sawyer showing him who's boss

time with Aunt Marlene
my favorite picture
Auntie Audi braiding Gracie's hair while in her overalls
so cute

Gracie & Papa ready for the farm
love this
love this
Gracie trying out all the machines on the farm

how do I work this thing
Farmer Gracie
Ride that bronco

My husband really did a great job taking pictures, thanks babe!  Although I have no pictures of my week it was great and since everyone knew I had free time I was so busy it was crazy.  Dinner with friends, photography sessions, girls night, craft day and planning the reveal party.  That was plenty for me but I did miss my family.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

More on the 4th

Just to give you a quick over view, Troy and Gracie got back from Kansas on Thursday night(I will put up pictures soon).  Friday we had our ultra sound and then enjoyed the day recoupeing from there trip.  Saturday we played and my parents came into town and helped us set up for our big Sunday party.  I wanted this to be simple laid back and well once we go going it was crazy.  I went a little over board on the details I think but it was so cute.  We had 44 people, yes that is right 44 people in our house and some how it worked and with the hot weather people wanted the cool air.  I am so thankful how well everything went.  The only thing I forgot was to video take the cutting of the cake.  The reaction was priceless!
one of the tables with the cake
our little reveal cake
red, white and blue theme
our 4th of July preztels
caramel apples with chocolate
these were suppose to be all chocolate
but we had issues with the white chocolate
chocolate covered popcorn
cute buckets a borrow from kristen
my favorite and the easiest was the layeres strawberries &
blue berriesthere were also strawberries covered in
white chocolate & blue sprinkled edges
my nephew Sawyer wearing Gracie's tutu
Gracie and Nina playing
all though these fans look cute I did not enjoy making
them & have marked them off the list for future parties.

Hosting does not allow for alot of mingling but I did get to enjoy some of our visitor's thanks to my mom monitoring the food area.  Troy and I were so grateful to all that came.  I never got pictures of our guests and I missed the reaction of everyone when we cut the cake.  I was so busy watching Troy's reaction but I guess all the guys were jumping around like crazy throwing up high fives.  Troy is very excited!