Friday, November 28, 2014

Video Friday {wrestle time}

Since daddy has been super busy with work and his back a mess I have become the person to wrestle with although it lasts for about 5 minutes and I know it is not as fun as when daddy does it but the kids need that so I help out.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Around Here {november}

The month has been enjoyable as the cold air has come in and we have transitioned into full winter stay inside mode.

 Gracie helping with dishes

 having our friend abby over was fun
 going to basketball games and nolan spent 
there first half under my legs and watch Jake
 Cold football games sometimes end with us hanging in the bathroom to get warm
 I folded at least 8 loads of laundry
I have never holder this much at one time
 the sock pile
it only took me all week to fold all this and get it put away
not because there was so much but because I would do some
just didn't care to do it anymore or there was other things that
need to be done...thats how it ended up like this to begin with.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Wellness Visit

We went in for our yearly wellness visit.  They both had blood pressures taken, they were weight, measured, and they were both asked lots of questions that they did very well answering.  Gracie went first on everything showing Nolan show easy it was.

The kids showing me there ages. This was before the drama started.  The nurse came in to do the flu mist in their noise, Gracie went first of course and they both did Gracie.  The nurse turned to get the shots and Nolan says "I be brave mom".  Gracie sitting on one side and I on the other, both holding his hand...I don't think he knew what was going to happen.  When she turned around he freaked out.  I had to hold him down and Gracie was so upset she went and hid in the corner and was holding her ears and crying.  She would barely look at me after.  It was very sad.  We then headed to the lab room where they do blood work...they had no idea what this was until Gracie remembered that it was what I have had done several times in front of them.  She started freaking out I had to hold her arm down and she was screaming.  Not fun.  I counted one 1..2..3 quick pinch and she stopped in that second and said "that wasn't that bad.  Nolan I also had to hold down.  Poor kids!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Video Friday {dance at home}

One night I asked Gracie to show us some of the dance skills...notice when Nolan takes a turn.  No worries on him picking up on the girly moves.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Veteran's Day

For Veteran's Day Gracie's School invited the students families to bring their family veterans to the school to honor them.  There were songs and poems.  It was our first official school concert of sorts.  I managed to get a little video but it was hard to get close.  If you look down the middle of the ladies sitting and the kids standing you will see a little head with a red shirt. enjoy!

Before the last song they asked all veterans to come up and the kids all sang a thank you song to the veterans about how when we lay our heads down at night we feel safe because they served.  It was sweet then on the way out the kids walked in a line shook their hands.  It was very cool.

Mrs Listi is in the front and Gracie right behind her

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Birthday Party

Combined Birthday party has been in the works since before I knew I was having a boy.  Princess, Super Hero Party was the theme.  My DIY side planned to make and decorate like crazy but November's cold just wasn't going to work so we went with plan B, Chuck E Cheese.  I wasn't a big fan of the idea and my DIY side had to let go.  It turned out great, the kids and parents had fun.

 Gracie in her Ana shirt

This is the invitation I made for the kids combined birthday party

 party table
 Frozen cupcakes
 john deere cake
it had a cape but must have forgotten to get a pic with it on
Kenzie & Gracie
Lillian & Guste
 Gavin & Nolan
 the girls dressed like princess
 kenzie & gracie

 growing up

 nolan loves the giant mouse
 game time
 nolan loved the game where he could shoot the spiders
 Kenzie, Gracie, Lillian, Guste

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Missing Tooth

This would be the first lose tooth for the Schenk house as you can tell by the story below.

On November 4th the day for Gracie's 6th Birthday:
Gracie came in saying she had food in her teeth and I sent her to get floss. She came back saying her tooth was loose and like a typical newbie on the subject I called the dentist to make sure it was normal for her age.  As I am talking she just twists it and pulls it out.  It went from exciting time of first loose tooth to it being out in 2 minutes. 

Friday, November 14, 2014

Around Here {october}

Random happenings...

 all dressed up in his super gear
those gloves in hate were worn 
everywhere including bedtime
 first school pictures took place
 loving quiet time
 hugging his football
 i worked an event that had a buffalo farm, crazy
 at the same event these were given out
didn't know these existed and wonder why people even get DUI's
 random sleeping spots
this happens sometimes now since he won't nap
 Fall party at the school and nolan was not afraid
 yet she is ready to rake leaves
 again a sleep.  we had not actually gone to a restaurant in a very long time
lone enough gracie aaas actually asking if we could go and he fell asleep 
 then they watched TV
this is super random but I had to stop by apple while in cincinnati to have my computer looked at 10 am in the morning the place was packed.  people of every age and walks of life getting trained.  I loved seeing the 60 year old man working with the obvious skater dude.  It was just cool to see and there were my under 5 kids that just had no problem working on the iPads. 
this is what kept nolan occupied at a recent stop at the local goodwill 
 yes this this a guy thing?
then the explanation...its just milk

birthday party for school friends has officially started

sorry some of these are terrible quality