Friday, November 14, 2014

Around Here {october}

Random happenings...

 all dressed up in his super gear
those gloves in hate were worn 
everywhere including bedtime
 first school pictures took place
 loving quiet time
 hugging his football
 i worked an event that had a buffalo farm, crazy
 at the same event these were given out
didn't know these existed and wonder why people even get DUI's
 random sleeping spots
this happens sometimes now since he won't nap
 Fall party at the school and nolan was not afraid
 yet she is ready to rake leaves
 again a sleep.  we had not actually gone to a restaurant in a very long time
lone enough gracie aaas actually asking if we could go and he fell asleep 
 then they watched TV
this is super random but I had to stop by apple while in cincinnati to have my computer looked at 10 am in the morning the place was packed.  people of every age and walks of life getting trained.  I loved seeing the 60 year old man working with the obvious skater dude.  It was just cool to see and there were my under 5 kids that just had no problem working on the iPads. 
this is what kept nolan occupied at a recent stop at the local goodwill 
 yes this this a guy thing?
then the explanation...its just milk

birthday party for school friends has officially started

sorry some of these are terrible quality

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