Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Happy Birthday Gracie

Gracie you are 6! That's crazy.  

You are:
Height: 3' 8"(44inches, 26th%) your brother will surpass you very soon
Weight: 44lbs (45%) you have only gained 3 pounds in the past year

No shots required at visit and won't need any until your 7th birthday 

You are sassy, sweet, warm hearted, friends to all, soft hearted, and smart.  You continually surprise us with the things you know or have taken in from listening to other's conversations.  You have your moms memory from before kids.  

You are a natural nurturer.  Mini mom.  Don't grow up too fast, I am guessing I will have to remind you of this often.

You are a picky eater.  If it looks weird you won't eat it or try it.

You are a daddy's & mommy's girl.  Nolan takes a lot of my time due to him being Nolan and I have to make a conscious effort to just be with you.  You are so laid back.  You entertain yourself all the time.

You LOVE art.  You are a remarkable drawer.  You color and draw all the time, ALL the time. All though I have an artsy side not like this.  But Uncle Steve and Grandma both are talented in this way.

You love getting dressed up and then showing daddy your outfit.  You love when daddy and Nolan tell you how pretty you look.

You make friends anywhere but most often you don't ask there names.  Kids that you have played with 10 times you still may not get there names.  This is a trait you got from me.

You are a helper and a great sister.

You love to cuddle.

You love school and it has made you even more independent.  Your favorite school friends are: Guste, Lillian, Michael.  You have had to learn early how to ignore kids that are unkind or say they're not your friend.  You have learned about different races and that people come in all different colors and speak all different languages.  

You are so fascinated with the spanish language. Often I find you trying to talk to a complete stranger in spanish, I even had a kind lady come talk to me because you were practicing your spanish on her at the McDonalds playland.

You will talk non-stop about anything.

You ask a lot of very interesting questions about God, ones that I sometimes have a hard to trying to explain.

You love all stuffed animals and are really sad if they don't have a home.  You have tones of friends in your bed every night.  Although daddy does not love your bed being filled with all the animals I don't see why not.

One of my favorite things about you is that you are such a great mix.  You can be wearing princess dress and still want to play in the mud or poke at bugs.  

You love all animals.  Doesn't matter if it is a snake or a dog you will pet it.  The day I get you a dog or cat you will freak out.  

You don't have a tepee except when your brother distress something you made and your heart is just so obviously broken and hurt, so sad.

Unlike Nolan you want to do everything by yourself.  

You are a pretty obedient kid.  So when you are not we are surprise and upset, when Nolan does it, it just seems normal.  We work hard at trying to be fare with you.

You are a great sleeper and when you wake up you head to the playroom to find your toys.  Often your favorite toy of the day sleeps with you or on your dresser.

Your typical schedule is awake at 7:30 am, eat breakfast, play, eat lunch, wave bye to Gracie, Octonauts, quiet time 1:30-3:30 pm, play, eat supper, in bed at 8:00 pm for book time and lights out by 8:30.  Snack time anytime you can.

If we go to target you fill pick up any boy toy and know how to work it no matter the age.  It's like you know the toys is for boys.

Favorite Shows/Movies: Sofia the First, Littlest Pet Shop, Wild Kratts, My Little Pony, Frozen

You favorite snack is any fruit, peach, plums, apricots, you love fruit.

Favorite Toy: My Little Pony, Barbies, Anything Disney, Princess Pets

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