Saturday, November 1, 2014

Best Weekend Ever

My computer had a hick-up.  The kind where you wipe your hard drive clean and reboot and use your external HD to put all the good stuff back on.  From what I can remember it does not seem that I am missing much.  It seems this is the last even I have pictures of...I might be missing a few random ones but I'd rather that then all their kid pictures, that would be gut wrenching.

Ok back to our regular scheduled program...aka longest post ever with pictures

As I was saying we had a family weekend that I can say was the BEST WEEKEND EVER as a kid I am not sure how it could get better unless there were presents involved.

Saturday, morning we headed over to TIU for the homecoming game where we got to ride rides, jump in bounce houses, have sword and flower balloons made, and ice cream from the ice cream truck.  Once that was all over we headed to the next event of the day.

 yes there were the only pictures I took, I was talking too much to al the alum

Our little Sylvan Lake has an OctoberFest each year complete with games, bounce house, hay ride pulled by a John Deere tractor, face painting, bomb fire, and candy.  Oh and plenty of kids running crazy.  The kids had a blast play with all the neighborhood kids.

Thanks to Groupon, I had found this place called Santa's Village.  Basically a kids amusement park, and I mean Nolan could ride almost everything, the place was basically what Santa does when he is not doing Christmas.  This place came complete with a petting zoo and you were even able to see Santa's house.  It was pretty cute and the kids had a blast, even the hubby thought it was awesome see how much fun the kids were having.

 Santa greeting the kids when we came in.  The kids really weren't phased by him at all, weird

 Gracie loves petting all animals including the snake that was being walked around
 checking for other vehicles
 backing it up
 loving it

 gracie drove her first car

 loved this sign! so excited I made the cut;)
 nolan however much more cautious about petting but like to ride on them

 gracie terrified to ride, she would not let daddy move his hand

 doesn't like heights so they were low...
we should have switched partners because Gracie wanted to 
stay on the ground as well and mom wanted to go high

 ride selfie
 putting out the fire

 gracie of course made a friend and got no name
 i thought he just might lick it, yuck
the north pole

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