Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Birthday Party

Combined Birthday party has been in the works since before I knew I was having a boy.  Princess, Super Hero Party was the theme.  My DIY side planned to make and decorate like crazy but November's cold just wasn't going to work so we went with plan B, Chuck E Cheese.  I wasn't a big fan of the idea and my DIY side had to let go.  It turned out great, the kids and parents had fun.

 Gracie in her Ana shirt

This is the invitation I made for the kids combined birthday party

 party table
 Frozen cupcakes
 john deere cake
it had a cape but must have forgotten to get a pic with it on
Kenzie & Gracie
Lillian & Guste
 Gavin & Nolan
 the girls dressed like princess
 kenzie & gracie

 growing up

 nolan loves the giant mouse
 game time
 nolan loved the game where he could shoot the spiders
 Kenzie, Gracie, Lillian, Guste

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