Sunday, May 24, 2015

April Random

Just some random fun pic...

nolan and I enjoying a snack
off to another day of adventures
I love when I get to just cuddle

what's life without girl friends & PF Changs

Thursday, May 21, 2015


A couple of weeks ago I got stuck in an elevator in downtown Chicago.  We all handled, what could have been panic with laughter and jokes. It was pretty funny, a deserted building but we had plenty of left over wine and cheese from the catering gig. I think we would have survived. We were rescued by the Chicago Fire department.

opening the door so someone could climb out


Monday, May 18, 2015

Friends Visit

As you go threw these post you may notice how we go from summer wear back to fall due to the random Chicago weather.

Our friend Abby got to spend the day with us and she was so sweet.  Her mom happens to be one of my besties from college and was in my wedding.  It's like having a mini Julie around it so strange and funny at the same time.

Friday, May 15, 2015

down to the lake

On a nice spring day Nolan and I headed down to the lake to do what boys love, throw rocks in the water.  He was delighted to find the biggest of the biggest throw it in a watch the splash.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Working Hard

Nolan loves helping dad around the house on projects.  He was loving doing it all by himself and can be a perfectionist at times if it doesn't just right.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

My Kids Say

the darndest things...
As I am sure you are aware the things that come out of kids mouths are so funny.  Troy and I are constantly calling or texting each other with what one of our kids just said. And I wanted to keep some of them.

On our way to visit Santa Troy and I were talk not sure what was said but it triggered Gracie to ask about Santa and his existence.  Troy explained where Saint Nick came from and that there isn't really a Santa that comes into our house and drops off presents, you get the whole explanation.
Gracie: I am going to pretend you didn't say that, he is real.
At least we were mother like daughter, I still believe in Santa Clause:)

Recently Nolan has not let me or Troy out of his sight.  On this particular day I had stopped for gas and went behind the car to clean the windshield and Nolan freaked out, he thought I was gone.
Me: nolan don't worry mom is not going to leave you.
G: unless she goes to jail.
Me: gracie your so dramatic.
G: I have my moments

during a recent basketball game Nolan sat with Jessie one of the coaches.  Jessie was teasing him by looking away and then quickly looking back and making nolan laugh, nolan then says:
Nolan: don't look at me look at the wall.

Gracie was driving Nolan crazy one day before lunch.
Nolan to Gracie: Shut  your pie hole

Gracie was getting on the bus
Me: I love my Gracie Girl
Nolan:  I love her too and her stinky bum (all with the most serious face, this was not a joke)

Gracie and I were talking and I said most girls hands are small and most guys have big hands. 
Gracie: except uncle jake. He's just a little guy. 

Recently the kids have really enjoyed watching Stewart Little. And we had been wrestling around and Gracie lifts her arm as if to have Troy smell her arm pit and she says "smell my victory". 

While grocery shopping at Aldi Nolan keeps saying over and over again, "taste the rainbow, girl". I asked where they learned that and neither of them knew. Later I sat down to watch a show on the iPad and during the commercial I hear some kid say taste the rainbow girl. Oh my. My kids must have heard that commercial.

Recently on a car ride home from a playdate Gracie tells me that:
Gracie: If I had a flying carriage I would jump out of it with my jet pack.
just a matter of fact she want me to know that.

Set-up: Often my husband is a little blind.  He just doesn't have that nature looking capabilities.  Often I feel say you are so blind or if it was a snake you would have been bitten.  You get it right?
The other night the kids and I were eating diner and I asked Nolan if we wanted to get the powder, a.k.a. parmesan cheese.  He went to the frig and I could tell he was having a hard time so I got up and said I would help him.  As we stood there looking and I being super confused as to where it could have gone, then questioning if I made up seeing it.  Gracie gets up from the table walks over and looks in the frog and say:
G:seriously, you guys are so blind
we proceed to walk over to the table as I agreed she was right and touché.  I look up and my Gracie looks right at me and says:
G: that just happened