Thursday, August 30, 2012

More Nolan

Just a couple of pictures....

always drooling 
 look finally some hair
he crawls so fast

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Random {iPhone Series 2}

these are the last of them...
park time
first blanket experience
nolan playing in the frig
gracie use to take everything out and put everything back in
nolan how ever just wants to chew on everything in it
gracie and i headed out for some fun time
she wanted these glasses, too funny
sweet love

found gracie at nap time with her bible open
so sweet

date night a while back
spring maybe

my green giant

strawberry picking
butterfly on the arm
my sweet baby
yum yum

my sweet boy
breckyn & nolan at uncle's Wedding
for my mom
not too often do we get a picture of just the 2 of us
the k schenk family
breckyn feeding nolan
putting the whole paci in his mouth
nolan's favorite place
nolan talking to himself
and giving himself a kiss
first bump
troy got back from Kansas and this is how saw gracie
 after a week and a half, she did not wake for anything

at the zoo

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Random {iPhone Series 1}

I was going through my phone a realized how many pictures I had taken since January and thought I would share them.

Matthew and Gracie
posing for a hallmark card
Gracie all ready for the snow
Having game night and eating popcorn
our family bowl was a gift

sweet sleeping boy
sibling love

working hard in the bathroom
nice outfit
gracie's wish
gracie trying on daddy's shirt

my cheeky Nolan

my girl

ready for gymnastics

sending a hi to daddy

gracie playing on her new table from Nina
took gracie to the toy section
bad idea
joann's kids crafts
my little jumper
the picture daddy hates
gracie during tests

Gracie in her new outfit from Nina

before crawling Nolan got
 a degree in backing up
another loving picture to daddy
gracie trying on her flower girl dress
just pushing uncle cliffs buttons

little news boy
loving the pj from Ella