Thursday, August 16, 2012

9 Months

time for the weigh in:
height: 28.25" (43%)
weight: 19lbs 6oz (44%)
head circumference: 18.25" (85%)

Improvement no more:
Your eye is clear!  When did it happen, I have no idea but sometime after August 1st.  I am just glad it is no longer gross and you do not need surgery.

Mom Look at Me:
  • you now have 8 teeth.
  • you are the fastest crawler I have ever seen especially when you are in trouble.  
  • you have taken 3 steps at the most but when you walk you have to have something in your hand.
  • you love climbing the steps.
  • your hands and feet are always wet and clammy.
  • you love being tickled. 
  • you make lots of sounds, you copy sounds as a lot.  so far none on que for a camera but we are working on it.  amen, dadda, bob, momma, gracie sounds like gaycie
  • you still take 2 naps a day
  • you are now in all 9 month items.
  • you are in a size 3 diaper.
  • you love bath time even if it is only about 5 minutes long.
  • my favorite is the random cuddles and the kisses you give me.
  • nicknames:little man, squirt, buddy, pumpkin, sweet boy
You still eat baby food, it is just easy, however,  you have eaten a lot of table food

Good Foods
  • cheerios - you can't get enough
  • grapes
  • strawberries
  • green beans
  • carrots
  • peaches 
  • pears
  • corn
  • little bit of rice
  • banana
  • chicken {very new}
Foods you had by accident
  • eggs
  • some of gracie's milk
  • a bit of a peanut butter sandwich

Routine - These are pretty true
  • between 7 & 8am bottle
  • 10am bottle
  • 1 or 2 jars of baby food
  • 1:30 bottle(sometimes)
  • 2pm nap
  • 4:30pm bottle
  • 6pm veggie & fruit or table food
  • 7:30 final bottle (this final bottle goes like this: 6oz of water, 3 scoops of formula, add oatmeal)
  • bedtime around 8pm
all bottles are 6 oz  
{all feedings are subject to change starting now;) we will see how this goes.  doctor said less bottles but more at each feeding, we will try}

these were just too cute to not share!

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