Saturday, November 30, 2013


As I am sure you have noticed I have been really lax when it comes to this blog.  I am just so busy with so many other things and life that the blog takes a very far back seat.  I have considered calling it quiets but I need this to keep up on pictures for the kids so I will just have to schedule it in.  Here is what we have been up to here in Illinois.
iPod get away in our shoe basket
bring back a past time of roller blading
chocolate face
nolan loves going through the pictures int he family book
go cheifs!
sharing snuggles
he thinks all our car rides should include his suite case
hmmm I think he has seen me cleaning to many times
i use to call the local grocery store in Kansas the Piggy Wiggley.
Turns out it is a real place in Wisconsin!
just some love
we love building in the schenk house
gracie loves getting mail
told you my kids love the build
nolan learning to play toss with the Fish's
nolan trying to get naked while i am driving
our little cheerleaders!

Thursday, November 28, 2013


Nolan really wants to be a big kid.  If we having a play date Nolan will always hang out with the older kids.  He wants to do and copy everything they are doing.  He loves Gracie's bike helmet and always sits on pretending to ride and once in a blue moon I will pushing him around in it.  Not often or I would be doing it all day.  Anyway here is a look into his lets be a big kid like sissy!  Yes, this picture may haunt him later but that's what happens when your older sibling is a girl it would be so different if he had a brother, it may have been cowboy boots and a Toy Story helmet.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Ok so I am not big on selfies and actually I rather always include one of my kidos.  I am also horrible about my hands being in the way.  I am defiantly no Kardashian but I do sometimes get silly with Gracie with pictures on her iPod and then later delete them.  I decided not to delete them this time thinking she might like to have them later they were funny.  So I will share.

and Gracie girl had chocolate on her face...

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Rain Rain

Rain Rain Go Away...

Wait no stay the kids love the umbrellas and splashing in the puddles.  They think it is great!

Out and About!

Friday, November 22, 2013


This year we did some simple pumpkin picking and then headed home to carve.  I think Gracie and I tend to pick the hardest thing to carve and then we have to ask Troy to do it because I just to have the patience to do it so it is becoming a tradition to have him make them.

yuck.  mommy had to clean them out.
no one else would touch it...
snow white

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Here are his stats:

Height: 35" (67%)
Weight: 27.11lbs (46%)

Funny Things You Say

truck which sounds like *u*k.  If asked to say it slowly it comes out pretty good but since we have been in Chicago we see lots of constructions truck and ask Nolan gets excited to see them the work truck gets a little obscene.  We are trying;)


to brush your tooth and you always ask for paste

when i kiss your ouch's you thin they are magical

to pray all the time.  I have even cought you at the coloring table praying.  you just say "mom pay"

at bed time you always say "daddy at work" and say yes then you ask to pray for him.

Powder.  i have caught you two different times trying to eat the parmesan cheese.  you ask for powder on everything.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl

Here are her stats:
Height: 41 1/2" (31%)
Weight: 40lbs (50%)

Funny Things You Say
                You have been asking a lot of questions about mommy & daddy dating.  Like what we talked about on our dates and she wants specifics only from daddy.
                When can I get married, I want to be a mommy.
                Daddy I don't want to grow up because then I have to get my ears pierced.
                You walk up to my stomach and say hi little baby! {side note: you have talked about having a baby sister at least once a week since my miscarriage.  You even pick out clothes.  You have also told people about your baby sister and then must explain that I am not pregnant she just talks about it ALOT.}

                Everything princess
                You love to watch Doc McStuffins, Sofia the First, and Jake and the Never Land Pirates
                A year later you still love Jessie from Toy Story
                Playing dress-up
                You truly love all your stuffed animals.
                kids.  You can go any were and make friends.  You truly thrive off friendships.
                to draw and you are amazing.  I would be so surprised if your future does not include this amazing talent.

Just Like Mommy & Daddy
                you like to tell daddy where to park
                a little sassy:)
                loving the Chiefs and anti-Ohio State
                loves to wrestle
                loves to draw

This is your last year before starting Kindergarten and we are trying to take in every minute and every special moment!  What a blessing these 5 years have been and we can't be any more grateful for God giving us this amazing little girl who is so sweet and such a blessing.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Football Love

While Mema was in town she got to attend her first TIU game in 10 years.  Long time and it was a good game to watch, although the game lasted FOREVER.  A kid got hurt really bad and they could not move him for sometime and then the ambulance took him off the field about 30 minutes later.  We spent most of the time watching the game from the van to keep Mr Nolan close to the PT chair.  We got a few fun pictures to share.

terrible selfie
nolan and gavin enjoying half time

waiting to run to daddy
10 years later married with 2 kid fun and crazy
the whole fam

loving some kid time

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Outside Love

Like all kids mine want to be outside all the time.  So why not run to play in the leaves for a little bit.
checking the mail
loving sticks


lots of leaves

Monday, November 4, 2013

Birthday Celebration

While Mema was visiting we decided to celebrate birthday's.  The birthday was everything Toy Story.

 Although I had a whole plan for an 
extravagant cake I made this one in 5 minutes.
We went super super easy this year.  
 Nolan got bullseye
 And decided he should ride him
 a plush woody
I was wanting one he could sleep with
 Mema found the perfect items

 even big boy under wear with Monsters Inc and Toy Story

 A big talking Jessie and Undies for Gracie
 I found this adorable suite case for $3 at a garage 
sale and I just happened to have $3 in change in 
the car.  It was meant to be.  Here Nolan is naming
all the characters on the suite case.

I was smart enough to have put a few things 
away that that I found at garage sales this summer.