Monday, November 18, 2013

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl

Here are her stats:
Height: 41 1/2" (31%)
Weight: 40lbs (50%)

Funny Things You Say
                You have been asking a lot of questions about mommy & daddy dating.  Like what we talked about on our dates and she wants specifics only from daddy.
                When can I get married, I want to be a mommy.
                Daddy I don't want to grow up because then I have to get my ears pierced.
                You walk up to my stomach and say hi little baby! {side note: you have talked about having a baby sister at least once a week since my miscarriage.  You even pick out clothes.  You have also told people about your baby sister and then must explain that I am not pregnant she just talks about it ALOT.}

                Everything princess
                You love to watch Doc McStuffins, Sofia the First, and Jake and the Never Land Pirates
                A year later you still love Jessie from Toy Story
                Playing dress-up
                You truly love all your stuffed animals.
                kids.  You can go any were and make friends.  You truly thrive off friendships.
                to draw and you are amazing.  I would be so surprised if your future does not include this amazing talent.

Just Like Mommy & Daddy
                you like to tell daddy where to park
                a little sassy:)
                loving the Chiefs and anti-Ohio State
                loves to wrestle
                loves to draw

This is your last year before starting Kindergarten and we are trying to take in every minute and every special moment!  What a blessing these 5 years have been and we can't be any more grateful for God giving us this amazing little girl who is so sweet and such a blessing.

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