Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Here are his stats:

Height: 35" (67%)
Weight: 27.11lbs (46%)

Funny Things You Say

truck which sounds like *u*k.  If asked to say it slowly it comes out pretty good but since we have been in Chicago we see lots of constructions truck and ask Nolan gets excited to see them the work truck gets a little obscene.  We are trying;)


to brush your tooth and you always ask for paste

when i kiss your ouch's you thin they are magical

to pray all the time.  I have even cought you at the coloring table praying.  you just say "mom pay"

at bed time you always say "daddy at work" and say yes then you ask to pray for him.

Powder.  i have caught you two different times trying to eat the parmesan cheese.  you ask for powder on everything.

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