Monday, November 4, 2013

Birthday Celebration

While Mema was visiting we decided to celebrate birthday's.  The birthday was everything Toy Story.

 Although I had a whole plan for an 
extravagant cake I made this one in 5 minutes.
We went super super easy this year.  
 Nolan got bullseye
 And decided he should ride him
 a plush woody
I was wanting one he could sleep with
 Mema found the perfect items

 even big boy under wear with Monsters Inc and Toy Story

 A big talking Jessie and Undies for Gracie
 I found this adorable suite case for $3 at a garage 
sale and I just happened to have $3 in change in 
the car.  It was meant to be.  Here Nolan is naming
all the characters on the suite case.

I was smart enough to have put a few things 
away that that I found at garage sales this summer.

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