Friday, November 1, 2013

Boo Bash

This year for Halloween we very early picked out our costumes.  Gracie as Dorothy and Nolan as a tiger.  Gracie's little dress was a gift from a friend and we just added a touch of red.  We also found shoes at Goodwill that were perfect but wrong color.  I am sure I can fix that right??:)

Not often do we get any grandparents for these type of events but we got lucky that our town through a Boo Bash with games, hayrides, trick-or-treating, and the haunted house.  The guy at the haunted house tried to convince us a number of times the kids would be fine no big deal the will love it.  No way!  I sent Troy through and as the guy continued to convince us to just go and as Sheila walked away so did I.  We walked over for a game and Troy said no way for the kids or for me.  Funny that I was included in the who can handle it thought.  People are crazy.  Anyway enjoy the fun pics below.  Nolan is hilarious.

Before Pic

Just so you know I loved Wizard of Oz growing up and I remember watching it every year on tv around thanksgiving.  My Grandma gave me this piece when she passed and it's pretty special to me.  I thought that Gracie would love it as well and thankfully she has loved the movie.

 so funny and so cute.
I just added red ribbon and tulle 
under the skirt for something fun.
The shoes spray painted red and then glitter added.
 Nolan actually left the head on the whole time.
I was shocked!

Nolan was in shock the whole time of what was 
happening but very happy when we got to the car to have a sucker.

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