Saturday, November 30, 2013


As I am sure you have noticed I have been really lax when it comes to this blog.  I am just so busy with so many other things and life that the blog takes a very far back seat.  I have considered calling it quiets but I need this to keep up on pictures for the kids so I will just have to schedule it in.  Here is what we have been up to here in Illinois.
iPod get away in our shoe basket
bring back a past time of roller blading
chocolate face
nolan loves going through the pictures int he family book
go cheifs!
sharing snuggles
he thinks all our car rides should include his suite case
hmmm I think he has seen me cleaning to many times
i use to call the local grocery store in Kansas the Piggy Wiggley.
Turns out it is a real place in Wisconsin!
just some love
we love building in the schenk house
gracie loves getting mail
told you my kids love the build
nolan learning to play toss with the Fish's
nolan trying to get naked while i am driving
our little cheerleaders!

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Anonymous said...

if he wants to get naked I will join him in the back seat I love little boys his cock would be in my mouth in no time sucking little boys cocks is awesome, my nephew is SUCH a good boy he even pulls it out himself now for me when I babysit