Sunday, November 23, 2014

Wellness Visit

We went in for our yearly wellness visit.  They both had blood pressures taken, they were weight, measured, and they were both asked lots of questions that they did very well answering.  Gracie went first on everything showing Nolan show easy it was.

The kids showing me there ages. This was before the drama started.  The nurse came in to do the flu mist in their noise, Gracie went first of course and they both did Gracie.  The nurse turned to get the shots and Nolan says "I be brave mom".  Gracie sitting on one side and I on the other, both holding his hand...I don't think he knew what was going to happen.  When she turned around he freaked out.  I had to hold him down and Gracie was so upset she went and hid in the corner and was holding her ears and crying.  She would barely look at me after.  It was very sad.  We then headed to the lab room where they do blood work...they had no idea what this was until Gracie remembered that it was what I have had done several times in front of them.  She started freaking out I had to hold her arm down and she was screaming.  Not fun.  I counted one 1..2..3 quick pinch and she stopped in that second and said "that wasn't that bad.  Nolan I also had to hold down.  Poor kids!

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