Monday, November 10, 2014

Happy Birthday Nolan

Nolan you are 3 but I feel like you have been 3 forever.  If I you were turning 4 I would be more shocked but you just have seemed 3 for so long.  I also get asked all the time if he is 3 and maybe that is due to his size or vocabulary I am not sure.  The neighbor asked you how old you were and you said 2, he then said he was not that size until he was 13. I am not sure slowing down is in your vocabulary but I wish you would just a little.

At your well child appointment you were 
Height: 3' 1.25"(37.25inches, 43rd%) 
Weight: 34lbs (73%) you are always 10lbs less then your Gracie

You try everything. You prefer the side dishes over the main dish at most meals, got that from your mom.

You are love when we spike your hair and love hearing Gracie say you look handsome but would prefer mommy to say you look crazy.  You call everyone you meet friend and you can remember a child's name before your sister.  You play better with kids your age or older unless they are babies and you want to love on them.

You could destroy a clean room in about 5 seconds.

You stopped taking naps when Gracie went to school.  On occasion if tired enough you will pass out randomly as long as I don't call it a nap and you almost always fall asleep in the car when picking gracie up from school.

You are loud, you get that from my family, just naturally load when you talk, sorry kid it will be something you will forever work on but being a guy it is not as bad of a trait.

If a stranger tries to engage in anyway either a hi or smiles at you, you always announce it loudly..."that guy smiled at me".  I then remind you to smile back or say.

Your monkey, stuffy, and buzz are in your bed nightly.

It took about a week but you finally have learned how to just play by yourself during quiet time...I love it.

You are all boy.  You love to kick, wrestle, throw rocks, jump off things your not supposed to, and turn any stick into a sword.

You have just started being interested in coloring for about 5 minutes...and sadly you can not be trusted with crayons.  You will either break them, bite them, or draw on something not paper.

You get super mad when you can't do something on your own...I mean your temper is bad and hilarious to watch.

You do love being in just your underwear even though I don't let it happen often you love it.

You hate going to the bathroom by yourself unless you have to go #2's you don't want anyone with in 20 feet.

Daddy says you have me wrapped around your finger.  I know it and you know it.  You can always tell when you want something you come close to my face and hug and kiss on me as sweet as you can.

You constantly are looking through the refrigerator or the pantry for food.  I hide all the good stuff up top.

You LOVE peanut butter.  If left where you can reach I find you eating it by the spoonfuls.

You love all the Toy Story movies, Octonauts, Jake & the Neverland Pirates, right now your obsessed with Spy Kids, and sadly he likes the movie Matilda you love the bad lady, and Doc McStuffins.  You really don't like when Gracie watches Sofia the First.

You are a great sleeper and when you wake up you head to the playroom to find your toys.  Often your favorite toy of the day sleeps with you or on your dresser.

If we go to target you fill pick up any boy toy and know how to work it no matter the age.  It's like you know the toys is for boys.

You call puddles, cuddles.  We have tried to change this.

Your typical schedule is awake at 7:30 am, eat breakfast, play, eat lunch, wave bye to Gracie, Octonauts, quiet time 1:30-3:30 pm, play, eat supper, in bed at 8:00 pm for book time and lights out by 8:30.  Snack time anytime you can.

Favorite snack: Peanut butter, cheese, you request peanut butter popcorn every night but will settle for popcorn, any chips, apples with peanut butter...he's a schenk he will eat almost anything.

Favorite Toy: John Deere, all Superhero's,

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