Friday, July 18, 2014

Kansas Visit {Part 1}

I have not gotten to visit Smith Center in the summer in years.  The last time was for my baby shower when I was pregnant with Gracie.  Troy has come out but I have always had to work.  This summer we really wanted to be there for harvest and to help as much as we could.  Although this years schedule set-up was a little crazy it was a lot of fun to get the time spent with everyone without the hustle of the Holiday.  I will try to give an explanation of the events.

Our first day in Kansas the kids wanted to show us everything as though it was our first time to the farm.
 Gracie loves to explore and she loves taking pictures of the things she finds.  I will spare you the pictures of all the flowers she took but she and I both love the scenery.
 The wheat is almost ready, we brought some back for papa to check out.
 Gracie thought it was so cool to see the dark spots on the wheat from the clouds.
 My little farmer girl.

One of the cool things we got to do is meet up with some recent graduates from TIU.  These guys are biking cross country to raise money for Bright Hope.  By the end of summer they will have traveled over 2,500 miles for 1 cause, anti-trafficking.  If you want to check them out go to
We feed them and then the offer of a shower was up for grabs and they went for plus they got to watch a little of the World Cup.  It was nice to see these guys.
 Our version of swimming, small pool style.
 Sheila and I went for a day to get some shopping done and we took lunches and had a nice little picnic and the kids and I loved this park.

 Giant Spider Web!
 I have no idea what you call this toy but Gracie and I loved it!  It just makes you spin in cirles.
 This boy loves to swing...loves to go higher higher he says.
 last couple selfie I am guessing for a while, out for a ride on the rhino.
 kids loving their combine rides
One night I took picture of cousin Breckyn and on my home I thought why not stop by myself and gets something cold to drink.  Jiffy is a local favorite.  I am a big fan of there drinks and ice cream.  It is a must have every time we visit we have to make a stop.  Funny my hubby had no idea about this little pit stop until a local mentioned it at Church Sunday...small towns.
Watching the Storm roll in.  The rain would not stay away the first week we were there which postponed the start of harvest.

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