Friday, July 25, 2014

Kansas Family {Part 4}

I know this Kansas post might be too much but remember my kids were there for 2 weeks and then we joined them for another 3 weeks so we had lots of time together which equals lots of pictures.  Just thing there were days I never picked up my camera...LOL!

 After another night of storms it was pretty wet. Gracie, Nolan, and their cousin Koen went out to play in their rain boots.  Yes, it was so gross but they had lots of fun.
 My little nephew Koen!
 Yes, he sat in the gross water.
 The kids had a blast. may not want to see the next picture!
 I hope you the reader knows this guy because if not you will just think its really weird, well ok you might think that either way.  But if you know my brother-in-law Jake this comes as no surprise that he thinks he's hot stuff and thought him self in just a vest looked pretty cool by the JD.  I admit I did laugh.  He is just a funny guy.
 Our little guys boots outside lined up next too each other, so cute.
Papa helping to clean Nolan off after his mud bath.

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