Monday, November 16, 2009

The Big Transition

Gracie has been going to daycare at Wonder World since she was 3 months. Those ladies have made me feel so comfortable with leaving Gracie there. They love her to pieces, have given me great at advice and love on her when she has not felt good. Now that Gracie is one she will be leaving those ladies that I love and will be gone into a new room. I am sure Gracie is very happy about that all of her friends have been moved over in the last couple of months. She stands at the little door and yells over at them. Miss Natalie went over last month and Lo goes over next week. Gracie will be the oldest in her class and it seems a lot of new infants have come in and she has been on the move. Monday will be her first transition day. This means she will go over to the other class room for maybe an hour in the afternoon to play and then will come back over. This will continue until the end of November. Each time she will stay for a little bit longer to get use to the teachers and to get familiar with everything, so that they are no over whelmed. I think I will have a harder time then she will. Dodie, Nancy, Brandy, Marie and Barb are the ladies that have cared for her and loved her and I love them. The have been such a blessing, and I will miss having them with her everyday.

This picture is really old, all those trees are much taller now but isn't it cute!

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