Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Since Gracie has had hair she has this one section that always ends up in nots.  At bath time it is essential that I use lots of condition on the not and then I have to brush it after we get out.  This ends up being the hardest part.  I brush Gracie's hair out in section and I am always telling her that I am being really carful.  So when Gracie asked to brush my hair it was only far I said yes.  She did such a great job. She held my hair as she brushed so she would not pull it and then she talked to me about not talking to strangers.  I think I must give gracie advice during the hair brushing section of each day.  It was so funny to hear here telling my things I should do.  Things I know we have talked about.  At least I know she is listening.

~sorry my hair is dirty

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Kristen said...

Oh such sweet mother-daughter time! Glad she is giving such good advice...hopefully she will listen so well when she's a teenager :)